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What is the fate of the honeysuckle tree? Feng Shui Meaning & Care

Origin and characteristics of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle has the scientific name of Parachi Aquatica, which is believed to be native to Central and South America. The stem of the honeysuckle tree has a very characteristic twisted shape, so it is often called a pigtail or braided tree.

Honeysuckle is species Crops Shade-loving, can grow well in low light. In the wild, the tree lives mainly in swampy areas and can grow up to 20m tall.

cay kim ngan duoc nhieu nguoi trong lam canh trong nha anh minh hoa 4337a3baa4864b53877dc0c356d44706
Honeysuckle is grown by many people as an indoor ornamental. (Illustrated image)

The trunk of the honeysuckle tree is very supple, the leaves are spread wide, green all year round. Honeysuckle flowers are cream, large petals, bloom at night and have a mild fragrance. The fruit of honeysuckle is egg-shaped, about 10cm in diameter, yellow-brown when ripe. The dried fruit splits and has about 10-20 seeds.

Honeysuckle that lives in the wild usually blooms from April to November every year. However, with current varieties of honeysuckle grown as ornamental plants, it is very rare to flower.

In our country, honeysuckle is distributed mainly in the northern mountainous areas such as Lao Cai, Quang Ninh, Cao Bang, Bac Giang…

Does honeysuckle have a healing effect?

Besides growing wild, honeysuckle is also grown for medicinal materials. The medicine is the flower and stem of the honeysuckle plant.

Honeysuckle has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, clearing heat, and reducing heat. Used to treat boils, poison nails, breast lumps, boils in the intestines, allergies, rashes. In addition, it is also used to treat heat flu, fever in the early stages, dysentery or bloody urine, swelling of the head and throat, tonsillitis, red eyes.

hoa va than cay kim ngan con duoc dung lam thuoc anh minh hoa 09e0eeecf97544319b1208534994ab80
The flowers and stems of honeysuckle are also used medicinally. (Illustrated image)

Honeysuckle flower decoction has the effect of increasing blood sugar, anti-anaphylactic shock, inhibiting many strains of bacteria such as staphylococcus, typhoid bacillus, plague, diphtheria, hemolytic streptococcus…

In addition, honeysuckle also has the effect of cooling space, air conditioning and can repel insects, especially mosquitoes.

The feng shui meaning of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is known as one of the feng shui plants, bringing a lot of money and luck to the owner. Therefore, this plant is very popular for planting trees in the home or the company.

With a solid and proud shape, the twisted honeysuckle tree symbolizes solidarity, overcoming difficulties together. Lush, green leaves all year round imply prosperity and fortune.

With the name honeysuckle, in Chinese, “kim” means gold, gold. And “bank” means money, money. The two words needle and silver next to each other add more meaning, implying abundant money, more and more filling.

kim ngan la cay phong thuy anh minh hoa 75b44697c1a74a76b062878fbf76a230
Honeysuckle is a feng shui plant. (Illustrated image)

When growing honeysuckle as an ornamental, the number of potted plants also has different feng shui meanings, specifically:

Plant a single honeysuckle in a pot, the trunk must be large and stout. This is the position of “Above Heaven”, which means steady and steadfast;

Planting 3 honeysuckle plants in a pot, the trunks of the plants are twisted together called “Phuc – Loc – Tho”. This tree has the meaning of a strong bond, the 3 trees both represent Phuc – Loc – Tho and also imply for Heaven – Earth – Goods – Human harmony. Homeowners do whatever they do with support and smooth sailing;

Planting 5 honeysuckle plants in a pot is the “Five blessings”, that is, Phuc – Loc – Tho – An – Khang. This is the tree position that symbolizes harmony and good things to come in life. In order to meet the demand to buy as gifts, some gardeners also offer honeysuckle pots decorated as miniatures. The selling price for each pot like this ranges from 1.3 million VND to 2 million VND.

Honeysuckle is suitable for what destiny?

Because it is a woody plant with a lush green color all year round, honeysuckle is classified as the Wood element. According to Five ElementsWood gives birth to Fire, so honeysuckle will be suitable for people of Wood and Fire destiny.

There is also a view that the five branches of the honeysuckle tree represent the balance of the five elements “Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth” in the Five Elements. Therefore, this plant is almost incompatible with any destiny.

Is kind feng shui tree, honeysuckle is suitable for most ages. According to feng shui experts, honeysuckle will overcome the weaknesses of the personality of people born in the year of the Dog, Monkey, and Rat.

People of the above age are often sincere and good-natured, but their kindness is often taken advantage of. Planting honeysuckle will help these people get balance, harmony, on the right track for success.

How to grow and care for honeysuckle

You can grow honeysuckle from seeds or cuttings. The best time for cuttings is in the summer.

Before planting, it is necessary to prepare the soil. Should use microbial soil containing a lot of nutrients, the soil must be porous and can be mixed with composted wood humus. Soil with nutrients will stimulate the roots to grow quickly, help plants absorb water and grow well.

When planting honeysuckle, place a layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot to help the plant drain. Fill the pot with soil about half a pot and then put the plant in. Next, fill in the remaining soil to fix the tree. Water enough and then put the pot in the shade until the plant develops roots, then bring it to a place with suitable sunlight.

kim ngan co the trong thuy sinh anh minh hoa 21b4e0afc495445ab1586755412cc14a
Honeysuckle can be grown hydroponically. (Illustrated image)

Honeysuckle can live well in low light environments. Therefore, you do not need to water the plants regularly. If you put the plant indoors, you can water it once a week. Planting outdoors, the frequency of watering is less frequent, about half a month, the roots are flooded once.

For good growth of honeysuckle, every 2 months, you can apply NPK fertilizer to the tree. Do not suddenly change the habitat of the tree, it is best to place the tree in an environment with moderate sunlight.

Selling price of honeysuckle

With the meaning of feng shui to bring money to the homeowner as well as many health effects, honeysuckle is now chosen by many people to grow as an ornamental in the home, to decorate in the office or business premises.

According to the survey, honeysuckle is being sold by gardeners at many different prices, depending on the size and number of plants in the pot.

Single-potted honeysuckle plants with a height of less than 30cm are priced from 130,000 VND/pot to 350,000 VND/pot. Depending on the model and quality of the pot, the single body honeysuckle as above will have different prices.

Small single-stemmed honeysuckle plants planted in plastic pots will be cheaper, from 70,000 VND/pot to 120,000 VND/pot. Aquatic honeysuckle is priced from 120,000 VND/pot to 200,000 VND/pot.

In order to meet the demand to buy as gifts, some gardeners also offer honeysuckle pots decorated as miniatures. The selling price for each pot like this ranges from 1.3 million VND to 2 million VND.

In addition, there is a gold and silver facility that also manufactures “Tru Thien” honeysuckle and is inlaid with very luxurious 24k gold, the price is from 6 million VND/tree to 12 million VND/pot.

Quang Dang (synthetic)

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