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Women behave this way men are fed up, especially the second type

Don’t pry into your husband’s story

Men always want to be free, even if it is within a framework. They do not want their life to be controlled and controlled by the wife. Although this is what wives often do to preserve their family’s happiness.

There are many people who control every phone call, every text message, every single penny of the husband, or force the husband to take his wife with him wherever he goes. This is excessive control, making the husband feel “suffocated”, lose joy, lose freedom in his own relationship. Women need to keep each other’s trust, respect and privacy so that they both feel comfortable.

Women behave this way men are fed up, especially the second type - 1

Distinguish your parents, my parents

Some women can love their husband and do everything for him, but when they get back they hate their husband’s family and even discriminate against his family. But have you ever thought, without his parents, how could there be him, no matter how bad his parents are, they are the ones who gave birth and raised him after all.

Don’t think that if a man marries you, he is yours. He belongs not only to you, but also to his parents and siblings. Like you are not only his wife, but also your parents’ daughter. If you love, you should also accept the other person’s family, if you can’t consider his parents as blood, at least be polite.

Women behave this way men are fed up, especially the second - 3

Don’t keep nagging about the old things

Another thing in women that men “dislike” is nagging. When an incident happens, some women often take the time to say the same thing over and over again in order to want their husbands to realize the mistake. However, this inadvertently backfired, when it not only helped the husbands “wake up” but also made them feel depressed, tired, even frustrated.

Advice for women is to be gentle with your husband. It is better to say little but profoundly, than to talk a lot, to nag but to no avail.

Besides, jealousy is the “spice” of love, a natural emotion of each person. However, it will become the husband’s fear if his wife is jealous for no reason. This is one of the things men hate most about their wives. Many studies show that men often feel tired and depressed when their wives are too jealous. Being jealous for no reason also makes a woman lose her self-worth and become unattractive in the eyes of her partner.

Women behave this way, men are fed up, especially the second - 4

“Chattering” when in bed

Think about it, in a “salty” moment when one of you keeps talking, will you lose focus? It’s fine to say a few sweet or even “obscene” phrases while doing “love affairs,” but when he’s completely focused on love, his mind can only think of how to achieve it. Is it appropriate for her to go to orgasm and talk about all sorts of things in the world? This can make men resentful and bored with their wives in no time.

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