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[11h20 ngày 11/5] Coin Secret #20: “See Game”

Football is a king sport that receives great attention from billions of fans around the world. On the football field, each team needs to have the ability to analyze the opponent and find the best match handling strategy. Many people believe that, between football and the stock market, there is one thing in common, that is, players must choose offensive or defensive tactics at the right time to have a chance to win.

Under the influence of the volatile stock market in April, securities companies said that “witnesses” need to limit new purchases if they do not want to be “on the floor”. According to experts, investors need to apply “defensive” tactics, stay out of the market at the moment.

However, if you keep defending, when is the right time to counterattack? For investors who do not sit idly by in the market, what scenario will happen and what strategy will be right for them? What tactics should investors have to adapt to the current situation, in the context that the world economy continues to strongly affect the domestic stock market, as well as the stock indexes showing no signs of being affected? positive? All will be answered by experts in “Secrets of the 20th coin”.

[11h20 ngày 11/5]  Secret coin number 20:

The secret of the number 20 coin with the theme “See Game”

Besides host Duong Ngoc Trinh and familiar faces, editors Hoang Nam and Mr. X30 – expert Pham Luu Hung, Chief Economist of SSI Securities Joint Stock Company, Secret Coin No. 20 will have the participation of Mr. La Giang Trung – CEO Passion Investment, one of the securities investment companies with the participation of Mr. highly effective in Vietnam.

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