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11th graders program 3D models to learn history

The idea “Virtual reality products about historical monuments or events” won the First prize at the WeTech 2022 competition.

It was the project of 6 students in grades 11AB2 and 11AB3 namely Vu Quoc Dung, Pham Thanh Dat, Tran Duong Lam, Nguyen Minh Dung, Nguyen Tuan Hung and Dang Quang Minh.

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The product of the project is a website about Vietnamese History, in which the content is divided into several periods: Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Modern. Each stage corresponds to different historical milestones and events, represented by 3D models and knowledge will be systematized in series. In particular, the website also has a bilingual feature in Vietnamese and English, which not only helps students learn history, but the group hopes to help foreign tourists experience online.

The 3D models are programmed and designed based on a number of available materials, have the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees for a panoramic view, and can transform into tourists visiting the monument. The 3D scenes that recreate the space of history are also drawn quite meticulously and in detail.

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Sharing about the idea of ​​​​the project, Duong Lam said that the team felt that with the History subject, the way of memorizing it would be boring, making it difficult for students to absorb. Therefore, the team made 3D products (virtual reality) about battles, historical sites… to attract viewers more.

The team said that they started working on the idea late last year, and it took a lot of time to get used to new technologies and that it was difficult to teach yourself about code and 3D objects.

“We are students ourselves, so our skills are not professional and our knowledge of 3D code is very new.” Lam said.

Therefore, team members must learn to program and design virtual 3D models on their own on the Internet and have reference to some previous products.

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The team uses the Wix platform to write websites, Autodesk 3Ds Max software to build objects, and Unity to perfect products, bringing objects into the same 3-dimensional space to create the structure of the monument. .

Dat said that the strength of the product is that these models are deployed in cyberspace, different from the models of museums in Hanoi. “Visitors from far away just need to use electronic devices such as phones and laptops to access the website to view historical events in 3D without having to go to the place,” Dat said.

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The time to implement the project is also when Hanoi is conducting a distance, so the whole team has to meet online. “In the first weeks, we had many meetings to brainstorm ideas and finalize the direction of the project. Many nights we go to bed very late because we still need to prioritize our studies in class,” Lam shared.

Despite many shortcomings, the team shared that they never intended to give up. In addition, last year the group participated in the contest but only won the third prize, so this year they are determined to do it again to win the first prize.

Going forward, the team will continue to build the website and complete more 3D models of historical events. The group not only wants the website to become a new place to learn about History for students, but also to promote Vietnamese history to international friends.

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