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3 dark hairstyles for round faces

Ishihara Satomi is one of the beauty goddesses of the Golden Temple cinema. Although she is a mother of 1 child, crossing the threshold of 35 years old, her youthful face and bright smile have not changed. No matter what, Ishihara Satomi is still the beauty model of Japanese women, making men fall in love over the years.

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But as pretty and sweet as Ishihara Satomi, she has also been betrayed by her own hairstyle many times. If you have a round and plump face like Ishihara Satomi, you need to pay attention when choosing hair style for myself.

Taboo hairstyle with round face: Parted hair without bangs

Hairstyles for large and round faces - Photo 2.

Ishihara Satomi once endured battle with her hair tied back to reveal her full face. This is one of the hairstyles that round-faced girls need to stay away from if they don’t want to lose their beauty. Instead, the girls should choose a gentle style such as long bangs, rain bangs… or at least create puffs to improve their plump dumpling face.

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Taboo hairstyle with round face: Short hair that hugs the face

The straight hairstyle that hugs the face will make the big face more round, just look at Ishihara Satomi’s case and you will understand immediately. The most “disastrous” hairstyle she has ever chosen is the middle parted hair without creating any bulge, making the two sides droop, so many sides and cheeks are exposed. If you keep your hair straight like this, not only short hair but even long flowing hair will not help your beauty.

Hairstyles for large and round faces - Photo 4.

Creating puffy hairline with a little bangs is the simplest way to make the face slimmer and more elegant. Regardless of short, long or dangling hair, just remember this note, no matter how full a round face is, it will become small and luxurious.

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Taboo hairstyle with round face: Too thick bangs

But also don’t let the bangs be too thick, covering most of the face, for example when Satomi chose this thick rain bangs. Even though the bangs are sparse, if the curls are too thick, it will make the face even more heavy and mysterious.

Not to mention the coming summer, too thick bangs will quickly become sticky, creating conditions for acne raging on the forehead; Even if you have a slim face, you should not have this thick hairstyle.

Hairstyles for large and round faces - Photo 6.

While just a little moderation is already different. With gentle, thin bangs, not only helps to make the face more elegant but also creates a magical angle for your beauty. Just a few simple bangs but extremely flattering on the face, sisters, never underestimate the magic of bangs!

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Especially when tying up the hair, the bangs gently linger on the face, creating an extremely luxurious effect for the beauty of the sisters. A big round face is not difficult to choose the right hairstyle, but if you are not careful, you can still drown your beauty if you go in the footsteps of the “golden temple goddess of beauty” Ishihara Satomi. 20220510174055175.chn

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