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3 dishes to help 70-year-old Queen Tu Hy remain as young as a 30-year-old girl

Empress Dowager Xu Xi (1835-1908) famous for the beauty care secret and health is extremely complex. Thanks to that, her skin, through the photos and paintings left over, still clearly shows the glossy, healthy glow. An American painter who once had the opportunity to meet Tu Hy recounted that: Although Empress Dowager Tu Hy was 70 years old, she only looked 30. She did not show many signs of aging.

70 years old is still as rosy as a 30 year old girl: The secret of Tu Hy Thai Queen is 3 dishes that fill this market - Photo 1.


According to the palace maid beside her, recorded in the book “Royal Fragrance” mentioned the passage: At 60 years old, Empress Dowager Tu Hy still had white, soft and smooth skin like a young girl, with sharp features. delicate face, sweet and charming smile.

Up to now, the next generation has not stopped asking about the secret to preserving her beauty. In fact, the secret to taking care of her health and beauty comes from the closest thing. These longevity food that the Queen Mother uses are three familiar things: honey, walnuts, and pine nuts.

70 years old is still as rosy as a 30-year-old girl: The secret of Tu Hy Thai Queen is 3 dishes that fill this market - Photo 2.

3 dishes to help 70-year-old Queen Tu Hy remain as young as a 30-year-old girl

1. Extremely effective food in skin care: Honey

According to ancient books of Chinese Medicine, honey is a superior food, having the effect of “dispelling all diseases, mixing all medicines”, preserving health and longevity, eliminating pathogens. Honey is not only used orally, but also can be used to apply on the face. It has been dubbed “nature’s most perfect nutritious food”.

Honey is sweet, non-toxic, belongs to the lung, spleen and colon meridians, has the effect of tonic gas, moisturizing, pain relief, detoxification. Honey also contains a variety of proteins, enzymes, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin H, vitamin K, vitamin C, etc., which regulate the acid-base balance in the body.


Honey keeps the skin naturally hydrated. It also clears the pores and that makes the skin brighter. The antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties in honey help treat your skin from deep within and give it a natural youthful appearance. Honey also acts as a shield to protect the skin from external irritants.

2. Food eaten to maintain youth and prolong life: Walnuts

Empress Dowager Tu Hy had a habit of eating walnuts every day. Therefore, in her tea room, bedroom, and office, the best walnuts are always available for her to enjoy at any time.

Walnuts are warm, sweet, and belong to the kidney, lung, and large intestine meridians. Walnuts are the patron saint of cardiovascular disease, experts recommend consuming 8 walnuts a day to prevent heart disease and brain infarction. An ancient Chinese medical book called Shen Nong Manuscript Kinh also compares walnuts as a superior tonic, helping to replenish qi and prolong life.


The medical god Ly Thoi Tran wrote in the Manuscript Manuscript that: Walnuts can strengthen qi and nourish the blood, beneficial to life, warm the lungs, moisten the intestines, treat shortness of breath caused by cold, stomachache…

Modern pharmacological studies have proven that mixing walnut kernels with black sesame seeds can increase sebum secretion, improve skin elasticity, delay aging.

3. Kind of seeds of immortality: Pine nuts

Pine nuts are a famous royal dessert, and also the filling of the cake that the Queen Mother loved to eat. The book Hai Herbs by Ly Tan called pine nuts the seeds of immortality.

Studies have proven that pine nuts are rich in nutrients and contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. The phosphorus and manganese content in pine nuts have a very good brain and nerve tonic effect.


Pine nuts are good for health, but not everyone should use them. People with diarrhea, a lot of phlegm should be careful when eating pine nuts. Because pine nuts are high in calories, eating a lot will increase body fat. The amount of pine nuts consumed per day is 20 to 30 grams.

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