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5 bonsai hibernate in the middle of summer, so lazy that they “forget to eat”

“Hibernation” is the way that trees protect themselves from extremes of weather they don’t like or can’t cope with such as too cold winters or too hot summers.

Summer has come, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, in some places the temperature has reached 30 degrees Celsius, which is very unfavorable for the development of many plants. trees afraid of heat.

5 bonsai hibernate in the middle of summer, so lazy that they

Summer, much trees blooms, but many plants also fall into hibernation. Allaboutgardening

If trees Don’t cover it from the sun, bring it to a shady place trees susceptible to sunburn, foliation, death or underdevelopment. In response to this, many trees will stop growing and go into hibernation when temperatures soar in the summer.

At this moment, trees The most afraid is being exposed to the sun, you need to move them into a cool environment, do not fertilize, limit watering.

Lan Quan is trees hibernate in summer. After trees bloom in spring, you need to fertilize in time, add nutrients, so that the plant can grow back as soon as possible.

5 bonsai hibernate in the middle of summer, so lazy that they

Hot weather needs to be cleaned immediately trees spread the gentleman into the shady place

After summer when the temperature is above 32 , you shouldn’t be in the sun for trees death lan. If hit by strong light, the leaves of trees This can burn, appear black spots.

To trees may exist, you need to place the strain in an environment without direct light and good ventilation. At the same time, in the high temperature season, you need to reduce watering, stop fertilizing trees death lan.

Just trees This well-rested in the summer is able to grow stronger in the fall.

Trees: Orchid crab

Even though orchids belong to the cactus family, they do not tolerate the sun as well as cacti. After hot weather trees This plant is prone to rapid dehydration, soft and listless leaves, wilting plants.

5 bonsai hibernate in the middle of summer, so lazy that they

Summer trees Crab orchid not only stops flowering but also hibernates

Crab orchids are most susceptible to diseases in the summer because they are afraid of high temperatures and strong light.

Therefore, before summer, you need to move the potted plant to a cool environment first. When the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius or more, you should not fertilize bonsai. Because if you apply fertilizer at this time, it will burn the roots of the tree.

Bonsai: Evening Primrose

At present, the primrose bonsai has ended its flowering period. Many flower lovers notice that its leaves begin to turn yellow, and some even wilt the entire plant.

5 bonsai hibernate in the middle of summer, so lazy that they

Evening primrose plants will wither when the sun is hot

In fact, this bonsai is not dead, but has gone into a dormant state. They will “sleep” for a long time and will sprout new leaves after the summer.

Bonsai has a habit of hibernating in the summer. In the summer, the leaves begin to turn yellow and wither, but the roots are still intact, just keep in a cool place, avoid watering.

When the weather cools down in the fall, increase watering and the bonsai will soon sprout, come back to life, and bloom profusely.

Bonsai: Longevity

After entering May, the bonsai of immortality at home has also finished blooming, most of which have begun to grow new branches and leaves.

5 bonsai hibernate in the middle of summer, so lazy that they

Bonsai of immortality will hibernate when the temperature is higher than 32 degrees Celsius

If you want to take cuttings, you can take cuttings during this time. Just prune the branches and stick them in the moist soil. About half a month, the cuttings will have new roots and live well.

The bonsai of immortality does not grow in the summer. When the temperature is higher than 32°C, you should move the bonsai to a cool place, do not water and fertilize too much.

At this time, the bonsai enters a dormant state, without too much water and nutrients. When the fall is cool, the bonsai will grow strong again.

5. Bonsai: Succulent

Those who love succulents know that most succulents (cactus) are very afraid of summer, afraid of high temperatures and strong light.

5 bonsai hibernate in the middle of summer, so lazy that they

Succulent plants can’t be exposed to strong sunlight

If the weather becomes hot and you continue to sunbathe succulent plants, succulent leaves are easy to burn and rot.

In other seasons, succulent plants need to receive as much light as possible, the more light, the stronger the plant, the fuller the leaves. Succulent, brighter colors.

Only in the summer, pay attention to cover the shady bonsai or it is best to move the bonsai to a cool place first. Watering also prevents the plant from getting too wet. Otherwise, it will easily cause root rot and waterlogging.

Summer has come, the temperature is getting higher and higher, many of these houseplants will slowly go into hibernation. You need to provide shade for them, avoid strong light that burns branches and leaves.

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