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5 flowers that meet evil turn into good


According to feng shui, peonies bring romance, good for love stories, especially pink peonies. Peony flowers are also said to bring feminine beauty to women. One thing to note, older couples should not hang peony pictures in the bedroom to avoid a third person entering the relationship.

The ancients said: 5 flowers meet evil and turn into good - Photo 1.

Peony. Photo: Khoevadep


Gerbera flowers possess many bright and bright colors with a gentle fragrance. Gerbera is a flower symbolizing success, wealth, prosperity and bringing good luck.

Lotus flower

The lotus is the national flower of Vietnam and one of the most beloved flowers in the world. Lotus flowers have long appeared in Buddhism and they are often used as offerings or as seats for the Buddhas. Currently, lotus flowers are bred and come in many different colors.

In general, the lotus is a symbol that holds many noble meanings in both love, marriage and work. The lotus flower is also a symbol of nobility, purity and strength. Lotus gifts are often intended to praise and celebrate people with dignity, extremely noble character, integrity, purity and to bring luck to the owner.

Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid has delicate beauty and gentle grace with many vibrant colors. Phalaenopsis orchid is a symbol of luxury, elegance and success in work and life. Phalaenopsis orchid is also known as the queen of flowers, a symbol of wealth, wealth, intense vitality and longevity.


Chinese culture believes that the energy of daffodils is bestowed on people with talent and career. Leaving this flower in the house will help the owner overcome difficulties at work.

Displaying a pot of daffodils in the living room not only helps the house have more vitality but also has auspicious meaning, bringing prosperity to the family.

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