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6 summer fruits that are nutritious but easy to damage health, bad for skin if used in the wrong way

May 11, 2022 14:20 PM (GMT+7)

How to eat summer fruit reasonably?

In tropical countries like ours, summer is always known as the “paradise” of fruit, but many people spread the word that some fruits, when eaten in large quantities, can cause heat and acne. , wreaking havoc on the skin. Doctor Luu Thi Huong (former doctor at Bac Tu Liem District Medical Center, Hanoi) said that eating fruit depends on each person’s condition and health, in fact, fruit is also a panacea to help make people healthy. beautiful skin and has many health benefits.

However, Dr. Huong also said that there are specialty fruits in the summer that are classified as hot, causing acne. Therefore, the choice of which fruit to eat and how much to eat completely depends on the body of each person.

According to Dr. Huong, before eating fruit, each person needs to know whether their body is heat or cold (hot or cold), from which they will choose fruit as a measure to regulate body temperature.

Normally, people with hot body temperature often show signs of sweating, irritability, difficulty in defecation, and yellow urine. People with cold body temperature (weld) have frequent loose stools, frequent nighttime urination, and cold back and knee joints.

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People with heat-heat should avoid some fruits such as jackfruit, mango, plum… Illustration.

As for fruit, the cool type is usually acrid, sour, less sweet, whereas the hot type is usually greasy and has a lot of sweetness. From the above analysis, Dr. Huong advises that for people with cold weather, they should eat thermogenic fruits or jars, and people with geothermal conditions should supplement with cold fruits to lower body temperature.

“If tolerance is favorable to the body or eating too much of a cool or hot fruit is also detrimental. But also because we don’t dare to eat because of eating acne, we will eat in moderation to promote the positive side of fruits.

If you don’t know the cause of acne, you need to see a dermatologist right away so that it can be treated promptly and effectively. At the same time, it is necessary to calmly consider what the cause is and find a way to fix it”, advises Doctor Luu Thi Huong.

Take a look at some hot and acne-prone fruits if you eat a lot

Doctor Huong said that in the summer there are many kinds of fruit that come to full ripeness, but not all of them cause heat. Here are some types of fruit, the more you eat it, the more it causes heat and acne, people should pay attention to eat in moderation so as not to harm the skin and body.

– Jack fruit: Jackfruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and a number of other nutrients. Although delicious, this is not a fruit that should be eaten a lot because it is rich in sugar, which can cause heat and acne.

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Jackfruit is hot and sweet, so diabetics and hot people need to limit their intake.

Diabetics or obese people should not even eat because the fructose and glucose in this fruit will cause blood sugar to rise rapidly. People with high body temperature such as pregnant women, thin people, or people with liver disease, when eating jackfruit, also cause the temperature to rise higher and adversely affect the liver, making the body feel tight and difficult. bear. Eating 300g of jackfruit, or litchi, longan, is equivalent to 1 bowl of rice.

– Litchi fruit: Lychee fruit contains many nutrients, of which over 60% is glucose, in addition to protein, fat, vitamins C, A, B, citric acid… Because of the large amount of sugar, litchi is also recommended not to eat. should eat a lot.

Eating too much lychee can easily cause mouth sores, sore tongue, itching, heat rash, boils, tossing and turning, difficulty sleeping. In order not to get hot and acne, adults should only eat about 5-10 fruits/day, children only 3-4 fruits.

– Durian: This fruit contains high levels of fiber and carbohydrates, so after eating it often causes belching and heartburn. The amount of sugar in durian is quite high, eating a lot will lead to heat in the mouth, pimples, bloating, indigestion, even “hot flashes” due to increased blood pressure. The average person should eat a maximum of 2 durian packs/day.

– Ripe mango: Mango is also a fruit rich in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin B6 and beta-carotene… These are all essential substances for health. But eating too many ripe mangoes will cause heat, while green mangoes will not.

For people with a sensitive and hot body, some substances in mango can cause acne. In addition, the high amount of sugar in ripe mangoes will also cause hyperglycemia, acne, boils, and allergies on the skin. Normal healthy people should only eat a maximum of one mango per day.

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Each adult should eat no more than 10 plums/day to avoid unwanted effects.

– Plums: Plum is a fruit that is said to be very nutritious and good for health. Eating plums will help improve memory and digestive system. However, plums are still listed in the list of fruits that cause internal heat, so people with high body temperature should not eat plums. The average person should only eat a maximum of 10 fruits a day to avoid adverse health effects.

– Logan: Longan also contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. However, for those who are in heat, are in a state of many acne, it is best not to eat this fruit. If you eat too much longan, your skin will not only have more acne, but you may experience skin itching, redness, and discomfort. According to scientists, about 300g of longan provides the same amount of sugar as 1 bowl of rice.

Although giving a list of some fruits that can cause heat and acne as above, Dr. Huong believes that acne has many causes, not simply the habit of eating too many hot fruits. . In fact, acne can form due to a number of health problems, such as some liver problems, endocrine problems … Therefore, if you suddenly appear a lot of acne, you need to pay more attention to problems. own health and find the right cause.

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