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8 signs that you are someone who always tries to please others

1. You tend to be overly apologetic

Has anyone ever told you that you’re apologizing too much? How often do you apologize for things that are not your fault or are not within your control?

It’s good to be able to recognize your mistakes and take responsibility for them, but you need to know the difference between being humble and blaming yourself. When someone is constantly apologizing for no reason, struggling with overwhelming guilt, chances are it’s someone trying to please the world.

2. You find it difficult to say no

Just like knowing when to say sorry, you need to know when to say no. Many of us think that we need to be generous and help others but cannot say no. They would rather let themselves feel uncomfortable, get in trouble than have to turn someone down.

Helping others is good, but you need to know how to prioritize your own needs and set boundaries for when to say no. If you’re always trying to say yes to even the most absurd suggestions simply out of fear of hurting other people’s feelings or disappointing them, chances are you’re a pleaser. .

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3. You agree with everyone

Remember the last time someone asked for your opinion, would you answer honestly knowing it went against what others believed or had a difference of opinion? Do you tend to listen politely to those around you and keep your thoughts to yourself, not speaking out even though you disagree with them?

The fact that you don’t judge or criticize others is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean you should nod off to everything you hear and dare not share your thoughts and views.

4. You change to adapt to people better

The truth is that many of us have felt pressured to conform and change some aspect of ourselves to be more like the wishes of others. But the moment we start to lose ourselves and change too much of who we are just to please the people in our lives, we are making the satisfaction of others more important than our own.

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5. You feel uncomfortable with conflicts

You can’t stand the thought of someone, be it acquaintances or strangers, getting mad at you. Instead of standing up for yourself and what you think is right, in most cases, you will choose to apologize to let things go quickly, not to resolve the conflict. In fact, you are someone who is always trying to avoid facing conflict.

6. You are responsible for other people’s feelings

When a person puts himself in another’s shoes, he or she can understand and connect more deeply with people. Empathy is a really great thing, it helps you strengthen relationships.

However, that does not mean that you are responsible for everyone’s feelings and that it is not your business to meet their emotional needs. It would be a mistake to do so because you think it’s a good thing to do. This mindset only makes you more likely to fall into a state of frustration, stress, and emotional exhaustion.

7. You are constantly looking for external validation

It’s every time you accomplish something but don’t feel satisfied until you receive praise from the outside. You need the praise and appreciation of others to assert yourself and often work very hard just to get there.

Always looking for validation from the outside, seeing the thoughts and judgments of others as defining, is self-destructive. You need to realize the fact that no one can please everyone and only you can make yourself truly happy.

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8. You don’t speak up when you’re hurt

There are many people who choose to remain silent when hurt. They do not dare to open their hearts to share with anyone even though their hearts are very painful. You’re afraid of upsetting others, afraid that your story might upset someone, and in the end, that’s not the problem, their story.

A good relationship is when two parties come together with sincerity, openness and sharing. If you are always afraid of this or that, do not dare to share and express your feelings, it is really difficult for you to form true and lasting relationships.

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