All beauties pass through life but are still single

Quang Le’s real-life lovers and stage lovers are all beauties and have settled down, while the male singer is still “single single” at the age of 43.

Linda Vi Tram Nguyen – deep love

Miss Vietnamese World 2006 Linda Vi Tram Nguyen is the deep love of Quang Le. They once had a passionate love time, thought they would go to a perfect wedding, but eventually broke up in regret.

Quang Le: All beauties pass through life but are still single - 1

Quang Le and Linda Vi Tram Nguyen in their warm days.

Talking about the reason to stop the relationship with Linda Vi Tram Nguyen, Quang Le revealed that he was too jealous. In one encounter with sensitive messages from a man to his girlfriend, the male singer kicked her out of the house.

”At that time, I was very jealous, I felt like I was going crazy. I became blind, there were actions that even my own family was not satisfied with.” – Quang Le confided.

Linda Vi Tram Nguyen is married and lives in the US. Through some rare pictures posted by Miss Vietnam World 2006, it can be seen that her life is very happy and peaceful. At the age of U40, the beauty still retains her youthful and attractive beauty.

Quang Le: All beauties pass through life but are still single - 2

Linda Vi Tram Nguyen is happy with her husband.

Quang Le: All beauties pass through life but are still single - 3

The unchanged beauty of Linda Vi Tram Nguyen at the age of U40.

“Theatrical lover” Ha Thanh Xuan

On stage, Ha Thanh Xuan and Quang Le are a good duet. Male singer 7x did not hesitate to call Ha Thanh Xuan his wife, showing intimate actions with her in daily vlogs. Therefore, many people believe that they also love each other in real life.

Quang Le: All beauties pass through life but are still single - 4

Before getting married, Ha Thanh Xuan used to be Quang Le’s “rumored girlfriend”.

However, both Quang Le and “rumored girlfriend” Ha Thanh Xuan both denied their love relationship. On stage with her, he was also interested in Ha Thanh Xuan because of her cute personality, but everything just stopped at a close brotherly relationship.

On the side of Ha Thanh Xuan, she affirmed that between herself and her senior, there was only a colleague relationship, there was absolutely never anything about learning or falling in love.

Recently, Ha Thanh Xuan married “Vietnamese Koi fish king” Thang Ngo. Their wedding was noticed by the lavishness and love quotes. However, after the wedding, they received many gifts. Ha Thanh Xuan was entangled in rumors that she used to be a “reliable sister” to the giant, while Thang Ngo was criticized for letting go of his wife who used to suffer and support each other. support him to make a career, who just 2 years ago he was full of praise on television.

Before the “storm” of anger from the online community, Ha Thanh Xuan and the “king of koi fish in Vietnam” have both locked social media accounts.

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Ha Thanh Xuan and her husband Thang Ngo.

Mai Thien Van – above friendship below love

Mai Thien Van is also one of Quang Le’s “stage lovers”. Their duet is so good that many viewers mistakenly think about a real-life relationship. There are even rumors that Quang Le and Mai Thien Van are getting married.

According to Quang Le, he and Mai Thien Van have a close relationship, but they do not have a predestined relationship. He always considers her a lover on stage and in real life. However, in 2016, Mai Thien Van got married.

Quang Le: All beauties pass through life but are still single - 6

Mai Thien Van and Quang Le maintain a close relationship, always accompanying and supporting each other in life.

Responding to rumors of love with Quang Le in what year, Mai Thien Van considers it a happy memory of her career: “Perhaps because of the good chemistry and harmony when singing together, it is loved by the audience. People when watching movies or listening to music often have the habit of thinking that these things will happen in real life. That’s why the rumors about Quang Le and I got married. This is the rumor that most people believe. Many brothers and sisters later when we meet, they often tease us about this. Personally, I can only laugh unless I hear it.”

Currently, Mai Thien Van has a peaceful and fulfilling life with her husband and young daughter in the US. When asked if she was afraid that her husband would be jealous because of her close relationship with Quang Le, Mai Thien Van affirmed: “My husband has lived in the US since childhood, his mind is very open. In life, Le and I are quite close. Sometimes we go out to eat and talk and talk about many things. So his jealousy or anger is caused by rumors. There is absolutely no. I myself also mean that I am a married person, avoiding sensitive cases that make my husband sad.”

Thanh Bi – quick love

In 2017, Quang Le publicly had a relationship with Thanh Bi (real name Lai Thanh) and freely shared intimate and romantic images. At that time, the actress born in 1992 was being noticed for the role of Van Diep in the TV series Judge.

Quang Le: All beauties pass through life but are still single - 7

Quang Le used to have a noisy love affair with Thanh Bi.

However, the couple’s love affair took place quite quickly. In a livestream in July 2017, Quang Le revealed that he and Thanh Bi “went their separate ways” 4 months ago. The singer also shocked when he shared his relationship with Thanh Bi after breaking up: “If we can’t get together, we’ll be friends and soulmates. If I go out to Hanoi, I can still eat with Thanh Bi, even if you don’t, you can still sleep together. It’s very normal.”

After 5 years of separation, Quang Le and Thanh Bi still maintain a good relationship, considering each other as friends. Sharing with VTC News about the emotional noise in the past, Thanh Bi said: “When Quang Le made his relationship public, I was very young and carefree. I simply thought that he was a person with many years of experience in the profession, he would know what to do and what not to do. I don’t. I think my relationship with Mr. Quang Le was so interested by the audience at that time. Now that I’m more mature, I’ve also become discreet in love affairs.”

The actress also does not deny that she is more known to the audience as “ex-lover Quang Le”. However, at present, Thanh Bi is still trying to shine on her own.

Quang Le: All beauties pass through life but are still single - 8

Thanh Bi is participating in the movie “Underground Storm” with the role of Second Lieutenant Duong Hai Yen.

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