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Asking her lover to borrow 200 million, her answer surprised me

11/05/2022 11:52 GMT+7

I called Mi, tried to please my lover by ‘as old as the Earth’, but the effect was surprising.

I inherited 2 gold shops left by my parents, so there is no shortage of money. However, I still have not found a woman who makes me truly flutter. It wasn’t until I met Mi that I fell in love and acknowledged her as my destiny.

I am gentle but not foolish. Whoever treats her, she will treat her the same way. This makes Mi unpopular with many people. Even my mother often asks me if Mi really loves me or is just taking advantage.

Last week, I decided to prove it to her, as well as find the answers for her and myself. I called Mi, tested my lover by asking her to borrow 200 million. I understand, that amount of money for Mi is huge. Because no matter how much money she makes, she sends it back to her mother for treatment.

Heard I needed 200 million urgently to repay the debt. I was momentarily stunned. Then she said she would try to turn the money around for me. I asked her how to turn her money around, and Mi said she had 50 million in savings, she would ask friends and the company to borrow enough.

The moment I heard Mi’s concern, I was very happy. But I still want to try her to the end. I asked: “Now my family is bankrupt. Will you still love me?”. Mi smiled and gently replied: “I accept being with you in the most difficult times. I love you because of your nature, not because of money, but you ask me like that?”.

I laughed happily when I heard Mi’s words. My mother standing beside me also nodded, pleased with her sincerity.

But when she heard that I tried, Mi was so angry that she blocked all contacts and demanded a breakup. She said that I am suspicious, do not trust my lover, do not respect her feelings. I’ve been trying to meet Mi for the whole week, but she keeps avoiding me. How do I make Mi forgive me?


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