Can Tho will spend VND 36.2 billion to apply digitalization technology in agriculture

One goal in the IT application plan to implement digitalization in agriculture in Can Tho is to build a digital map of the areas of cultivation, husbandry, aquaculture, production, and crops. (Artwork:

The plan on applying IT to digitalize agriculture in the period of 2022 – 2025 has just been issued by the People’s Committee of Can Tho city, aiming to promote the application of IT in agricultural activities, supporting people to easily access advantage, timely with scientific and technical advances, IT application in the management of agricultural production areas. Support traceability and link product consumption, promote digital economic development in agriculture.

The plan also aims to perfect digital infrastructure, digital platforms, connect and share information in agricultural management; changing people’s awareness from custom-based agricultural production to modern agricultural production applying science and technology, especially IT.

Specifically, will develop a portal connecting agricultural product consumption with the domain name to enhance the promotion and propaganda of local agricultural products, improve business efficiency. Improve the quality of the portal. Information connecting agricultural product consumption is a content that will be focused by Can Tho in the near future.

Through this portal or mobile application, people will be provided with full information about the origin, verification, and legal records of products and goods.

At the same time, providing market information, prices of agricultural fish and supporting people to put information on agricultural products on the portal, with priority given to products of agricultural cooperatives, OCOP products (programme). one product per commune – PV).

To promote the application of technology in technology transfer training, every year, Can Tho Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will preside over the development of contents and organize about 60 online training classes.

In addition, every year, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also coordinates with related units to produce about 20 videos of technical instructions, solutions to care and prevent diseases for plants and animals; connecting with electronic information sites to interact and share technical information in the field of agricultural production and business…

Notably, Can Tho is determined to apply the digital platform in locating production areas. Accordingly, a digital map of local key agricultural products will be developed; building electronic diaries, creating electronic field diary templates to help people record diaries quickly, save images during the production process, thereby supporting source traceability. original product; use geolocation to save the location of the planting area corresponding to the log; product traceability via QR code…

In addition, Can Tho plans to organize training for 7,000 to 10,000 turns of farmers, cooperative members, members of cooperative groups and agricultural enterprises on skills to use digital platforms in production and business. agricultural product business, technical research, market search, innovative skills in the agricultural sector.

Previously, in the Resolution on digital transformation of cities up to 2025, with a vision to 2030, the Can Tho City Party Committee identified agriculture as one of nine priority sectors and fields for digital transformation, along with the fields of medicine. economy, education and training, finance and banking, transportation and logistics, energy, environment, industrial production and tourism.

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