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Community ‘shocked’ to know 2 eSport devices at SEA Games 31

SEA Games 31 There will be 8 electronic sports (eSports), in which 2 competitions on mobile devices are PUBG Mobile and Free Fire had a phone sponsor to compete.

Of the 8 eSports at SEA Games 31, there are 5 competitions on mobile devices, but only PUBG Mobile, Free Fire identified a machine sponsor to compete.

ROG Phone 5s has many elements suitable for eSport tournaments


Asus ROG Phone 5s accompanying the Free Fire players is not too surprising because this is also the official competition device of the highest level of professional tournament of Vietnam. Free Fire Vietnam Name Yomost VFT Spring 2022. As a product of the gaming phone line with the leading high configuration Android system every launch, ROG Phone 5s has a screen refresh rate of up to 144Hz, a touch sampling frequency of 360Hz, and a touch delay of 24ms.

The machine is equipped with a 3D vapor chamber cooling system with an even heat dissipation mechanism throughout the device and an external fan can be used to help reduce heat loss. temperature CPU. The Asus gaming phone model also has a charging port in the middle of the side of the body, so it doesn’t affect the player’s holding posture when having to plug in the charger.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Chuong – Marketing Manager of ROG Phone (Asus Vietnam), the machines used in the SEA Games competition are all semi-genuine versions (with high configuration) and eSport mode enabled. This feature helps to turn off notifications, limit mistaken clicks, and activate direct charging to prevent the device from heating up over time.

“The Air-trigger feature (additional virtual key on the edge of the machine) will be banned. For external fans, depending on the actual situation, the Organizing Committee makes the final decision,” said Mr. Chuong. To share.

Galaxy A73 5G is a mid-range device


All controversial in the community technology Vietnam is a device for PUBG Mobile. This popular mobile game requires very high configuration to get the smooth experience, the highest quality images – the right factors for professional sports competition. Many people rated PUBG Mobile as having much higher device hardware requirements than Free Fire.

At SEA Games 31, Samsung announced that Galaxy A will be the sponsor product line for PUBG Mobile. This makes many people understand that Galaxy A will become the official device used during the competition, the remaining problem will be how much smartphone A. Currently, many people think that the Galaxy A73 5G will be the name of choice because it is the most advanced model that has just been released. Besides, another “candidate” will be the Galaxy A53, but this model has a configuration that is not as good as the A73.

However, a separate source of Thanh Nien revealed that the phone model used during PUBG Mobile at SEA Games 31 will be… iPhone, although the model is unknown. Samsung’s Galaxy A is only a media sponsor, not providing equipment to compete in this event.

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