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Danger from building materials to spill onto the road

The woman driving the motorbike to avoid the oncoming car, so she jumped into the iron pile under the roadway, she flew up and then fell to the ground.

Plunging into the pile of materials, the woman fell to the street

Traffic situation: On a narrow road, there is only one lane on each side, but cars are parked on one side and construction materials on the other side are spilled onto the road. The black sedan, due to avoiding a parked car, had to encroach on the middle of the road. The girl riding a motorbike in the opposite direction lacked observation, so to avoid the car, she hit the iron pile.

The impact sent the victim flying high and then falling to the ground. Fortunately, it did not affect life. The motorcycle was slick with oil.

Driving skills: The fact that people’s houses use the roadbed as a place to gather materials such as bricks, soil, stone, iron and steel… is common in Vietnam, whether it’s rural or city. This action not only violates the urban order but also causes the roadway to narrow, causing many dangers to road users.

For drivers, they should pay attention when going through construction sites to avoid plunging into materials like in the video, and also avoid things from above that can fall on their heads. There have been many fatal accidents and serious injuries due to falling construction materials.

Nguyen Vu

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