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Daughter takes her mother on a trip across Vietnam

Seeing her mother determined to go with her, Phuong flew back to Hanoi to pick up her mother to accompany her towards Ca Mau cape.

At home, she updated many beautiful pictures of her daughter Le Thi Phuong, 22, on a trip across Vietnam, 46-year-old Nguyen Thi Tien, asked to come along. Phuong was a bit surprised at first because she thought her mother was just joking, but seeing her determination, she nodded. With the support of her husband, Mrs. Tien closed her business shop, arranged many beautiful clothes with her children on the road.

Phuong (on the left) and her mother took a photo on the way to Khanh Hoa.  Photo: NVCC

Phuong (on the left) and her mother took a photo on the way to Khanh Hoa. Image: NVCC

April 30 while staying Pacify, Phuong flew back to Hanoi to deal with her own business, and at the same time took her mother with her. Before that, in mid-April, she and two friends rode two motorbikes across Vietnam, with the purpose of satisfying her passion for discovery when she was young, as well as serving as a tour operator.

On the 13th day of the journey, Phuong has a mother as a companion. They continued to go from Binh Dinh through Phu Yen, Ninh Thuan and now in Binh Thuan. Phuong shared that because she needed to explore many places to gain experience, her schedule was quite busy. Famous scenic spots such as Ky Co, Eo Wind, Da Dia RapidsBai Xep, Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan Vineyardisland wealth… she all visited.

One day, they move and visit from 8 am to about 18-19 pm. After coming to the homestay, they do personal hygiene and eat. One day they ate on the road and didn’t come back until 10 pm. There are days when it is only 14:00 to have lunch. Not to mention this season, the Central Coast is hot and sunny, and there are days when three young people “can’t breathe”. Phuong was worried that her mother was tired, afraid that she wanted to go home early, but Mrs. Tien, on the other hand, took care of her. Every destination, she actively explores with her children, taking pictures to check-in as a souvenir.

Like the time they came to Vinh Hy Bay, the group of 4 people climbed up the cliffs in Hang Rai to take pictures. The road up to the rapids was slippery, surrounded by the sea, the waves were constantly rushing over, making Phuong scared but Mrs. Tien was delighted. At this time around them is the blue sea, the sky is blue with pink light at the end of the horizon. “A beauty that makes people afraid but fascinated, so vast and wild”, Phuong exclaimed.

Accompanying her mother, Phuong did not see any difference in the route and plan. She and her friends drive slower to be safe and mom doesn’t have to worry. The biggest difference is probably the feeling of being cared for. After three years of traveling, Phuong has never been called up early, reminded to eat breakfast, and has her mother’s warm embrace behind her back.

“Having my mother with me makes me more motivated. The weather in the Central region is so harsh, but my mother is always happy and ready, the more I have to try,” Phuong said. She shared that when she started to go on a trip and then reserved the university to do a tour, her parents protested because they were worried about their daughter driving dangerously and unfinished school. With a strong personality, Phuong still decided to fulfill her passion. She has many trips running along the Northeast and Northwest and the far Central region. At these times, Mrs. Tien is always the one to confide, listen and share useful things with her children.

Mrs. Tien took a photo on a cliff overlooking the sea in Phu Yen.  Phuong often jokes that her mother is very aware of the check-in trend of young people.  Photo: NVCC

Mrs. Tien took a photo on a cliff overlooking the sea in Phu Yen. Phuong often jokes that her mother is very aware of the check-in trend of young people. Image: NVCC

Phuong has more and more groups of guests, one month she goes Ha Giang 16 times. Not only is the operator, she also shares her passion for discovering the beauty of Vietnam, sharing her knowledge about local culture with them. After seeing that her child is independent and qualified to take care of herself, her parents are always behind to support. “Going on a road trip is also my way of accompanying my children. In addition to learning about Phuong’s work and passion, I also have a rare opportunity in my life to admire the beautiful scenery of the country, places that I have only seen on television before. “, Mrs. Tien said.

Today, from Phu Quy island, they continue their journey to Ho Chi Minh City, stay and explore the cuisine here for a few days before heading to the West. Estimated budget is more than 30 million for two people. Both mother and daughter shared a lot of excitement about the upcoming journey. They will post many pictures of the trip to motivate young people to go on a trip associated with discovery and be conscious of nature.

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