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Drains are clogged with hair, clean them up in seconds with this popular item

No matter how clean and careful you are, the bathroom drain is often clogged with hair, dirt, etc. over time. This really turned into a nightmare as the water couldn’t go down the drain, leaving a stagnant pool of dirty water in the bathroom, making bathing scary.

At times like this, many people will use their hands to pick up the waste and stick it on the surface of the sewer, but in case the waste is stuck deep under the drain, how to deal with it? Some people will turn to expensive cleaning products, but did you know that you can solve this problem with a bottle of hair removal cream.

The drain is clogged with hair, clean it up in seconds with this popular thing - 1

Clogged drains will become an obsession when dirty water is stagnant, unable to flow down the drain. (Illustration)

Just pour the hair removal cream directly down the drain, let it sit for a few seconds and then flush it, you can solve the problem of clogged drain. “Since my drain has a lot of hair, I used hair removal cream to remove it. I was amazed to see how it melts my hair within seconds.”shared by Louise Metcalfe, a housewife in the UK.

In addition to hair removal cream, you can also apply the following other simple ways to unclog drains:

– Boiling water and dishwashing liquid: You just need to pour a bowl of dishwashing liquid directly into the pipe, then pour another kettle of boiling water in. Leave it like that for about 30 minutes and then rinse it with clean water, the dirt will be washed away. This is also a very effective way to unclog clogged drains.

– Baking soda, vinegar and hot water: With this method, you just need to pour a sufficient amount of baking soda into the pipe, and then slowly pour in the vinegar that you have prepared. In vinegar there is acid, when combined with baking soda, it will foam, speeding up the process of softening the waste. Wait 5-10 minutes, then you continue to pour some hot water into the sewer pipe, this time the waste will disappear.

Drains are clogged with hair, clean in seconds with this popular thing - 2

Pouring a moderate amount of baking soda directly into the drain and then slowly pouring in white vinegar will speed up the process of softening the waste. (Illustration)

– Hanger: This is how to unclog a clogged bathroom drain manually and what you need to prepare is a metal clothes hanger. First, straighten the hook and then bend one end of the hook. Then, put the clothes hanger down the drain, gently rotate it to let the garbage get caught and then pull it up. Repeat until there is no more garbage.

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