Football commentary of Vietnam women’s team vs Philippines, Group A of SEA Games 31

Not Vietnam, Thailand or Myanmar, but the Philippines women’s team is the Southeast Asian women’s team with the most impressive achievements at the 2022 Asian Cup when reaching the semi-finals, winning tickets directly to the 2023 World Cup. is the opponent of the Vietnamese women’s team in the opening match at 19:00 tonight, 11/5.

Philippine women’s football has progressed in recent years thanks to the emergence of naturalized players playing in the US and European countries. From being a “phenomenon” in the region, the Philippines is rising strongly, becoming a counterweight to Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar in the championship race at the SEA Games.

Football commentary of Vietnam vs Philippines women's team, Group A SEA Games 31 - 1

The Vietnamese women’s team started the journey to defend the title of the 31st SEA Games.

The Philippine women’s team showed their strength when they defeated Cambodia 5 goals without removing them in the opening match, thereby holding almost certainly the ticket to the semi-finals. In the competition with the weakest opponent in Group A, the Philippines easily controlled the game, controlled attacks and scored 5 goals with relative ease.

Different from the initial assessment that the Philippines was only strong in the high ball thanks to its good body, coach Alen Stajcic’s team played relatively well in sticky situations thanks to fast attacks like Isabella Flanigan or Anicka Castañeda. .

This is a challenge for the Vietnamese women’s team, in the context that coach Mai Duc Chung is rejuvenating the force.

Success at the 2022 Asian Cup (also winning tickets to the World Cup) shows that the choices for the future of the Vietnamese women’s coaching staff are correct. Van Su, Thanh Nha, Thu Thuong, Tuyet Ngan, … progress through each tournament and are expected to gradually replace the seniors.

Currently recruiting Vietnamese women has two factors: youth and experience. The women’s team’s playstyle was also molded by coach Mai Duc Chung many years ago and inherited well even though the team’s force has been mixed up a lot.

Football commentary of Vietnam women's team vs Philippines, Group A of SEA Games 31 - 2

The Philippine women’s team is very strong.

However, to counter the Philippines, the Vietnamese women’s team needs more defensive solutions in tonight’s match. The opponent’s physique, physical strength, and impact are more appreciated than Vietnam, which the Philippines’ achievements in the Asian Cup have shown.

If the Philippines continuously hangs the ball, the Vietnamese women’s team will face a lot of pressure. Huynh Nhu and his teammates are used to dealing with technical teams, such as Thailand and Myanmar. The modern and diverse gameplay of the Philippines is a school style Vietnamese football not often faced.

The Vietnamese women’s team anticipated this difficulty. During the training tour in Korea, coach Mai Duc Chung’s students had friendly matches with the national team and teams in the land of kimchi. Korean football also has players good at collision and air combat like the Philippines, so this is an opportunity for Vietnam to practice fighting for the SEA Games.

Another advantage for the Vietnamese women’s team is the support of the home audience. This is the first time in many years that female players will be able to play in stadiums full of spectators. That is the driving force for the Vietnamese women’s team to defeat the Philippines, thereby firmly affirming the title of Southeast Asia.

Forecast: 2-1

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