Galaxy S22 depreciating fast? It’s about the world, not Vietnam

Recently, it was reported that the Galaxy S22 series has lost 3 times more value than the iPhone 13. This study was published by SellCell company on May 9, comparing the possibility of devaluation between Galaxy S22, iPhone 13 and Pixel 6, in which, S22 lost 47% of its original value, Pixel 6 lost 42% and iPhone 16%.

Notably, this data published by SellCell is based on the drop in price of… likenew machines after buying and reselling, not on the level of devaluation above the original selling price.

The used iPhone market is diverse, and no one chooses to buy a used device for the Galaxy S22

The reason there is a devaluation with the likenew type of device is because the demand for buying and selling iPhone has always been very high. In addition, users who buy iPhone, whether new or used, rarely have attractive promotion policies, so there is a part of users who choose to buy used devices, likenew machines instead of new ones to save a part of their costs. costs, thereby pushing up the selling price of these machines, especially in the Vietnamese market.


Meanwhile, with the Galaxy S22, very few people choose to buy secondhand because the initial promotions and gifts for new users are very good, especially in Asian, Southeast Asian or specific markets. than in Vietnam.

At the time of launch, the Galaxy S22 was priced at 21.9 million VND, and at the present time the device is priced at 20.79 million VND (refer to the CellphoneS retail system), but it comes with a lot of programs. Promotion for new customers.

Galaxy S22 price drop?  Where is Vietnam still selling well - Photo 2.

Refer to promotions and preferential policies when buying Galaxy S22 at a retailer. Depending on the time and choice of customers, the price of the machine can be reduced to only 13.79 million VND

With a series of attractive offers, even customers can buy a machine for less than 14 million, there is almost no reason for users to choose the old machine, the likenew machine while the new machine has almost the same price, but also comes with more promotions.

According to Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, representative of CellphoneS retail system said: “The information that Galaxy S22 depreciates 3 times more than iPhone 13 is unclear, which can cause misunderstandings for many people who do not read carefully. The price given in the study is the selling price of the old device. In the Vietnamese market Men, Galaxy S22 in particular and Galaxy S22 series in general are having very good purchasing power compared to last year’s generation, with many incentives such as a discount of up to 5 million directly on the selling price, old collection and renewal of subsidies up to 4 million and comes with many discount codes when buying other Samsung products.

In fact, the market for used Samsung devices in Vietnam is not as diverse as the iPhone, largely due to the promotion policy when buying new Samsung devices and resellers. Not only at the present time, but right from the time of launch, users who buy Galaxy S22 have been able to buy the device at a much lower price than the listed price if they don’t take the gift. Research on the possibility of smartphone devaluation based on the old device’s selling price is not reasonable, especially when considering the Vietnamese market.”


Thus, it can be seen that, for specific markets as surveyed by SellCell such as the US and European markets, research on the possibility of falling prices of used smartphones can be accurate. However, in Vietnam, this study does not accurately reflect the smartphone market in general and is for reference only because it is influenced by many other objective factors.

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