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Giving her mother-in-law a large amount of money but being refused to accept it, the daughter-in-law was shocked to know the truth behind

I am 35 years old, married for 9 years. Currently, my wife and I have 2 children, the first is in 3rd grade and the second has just turned 5 years old. My husband and I have a relatively convenient job. In the past few years, in addition to spending comfortably, we also have a decent amount of savings to move out in the future.

I live at my husband’s house, most of the expenses in the house are paid for by my husband and I. Sometimes I also give money to my mother-in-law so that she can buy whatever she wants, and go where she wants to go. In the past, my mother-in-law was very happy when I gave her money every time, but for some reason, a few days ago, I gave her 50 million but was puzzledly refused.

Later that day, my mother-in-law also expressed her hatred of me, often saying outrageous words against me. While I did not do anything wrong to my mother-in-law, to my husband and children. But then I soon learned the reason for this unreasonable sulking.

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As it turned out, my mother-in-law did not want me and my husband to go out and live separately. By chance, I overheard my mother-in-law say privately to my husband: “If you have money, then just build in your own house, why buy somewhere else. Going to buy another place, later the husband and wife have to split in half. As for building on the land of the husband’s parents, the daughter-in-law will not get anything if she divorces. Don’t be foolish to listen to your wife“.

My mother-in-law also advised her son to put pressure on his wife to go back to his grandmother’s house to ask for more money to build a house, even flattered his grandparents to divide the land and sell it to build a house. I know this, but I feel that my mother-in-law is too unreasonable, too calculating and always nurturing for my family, even “snatching” money and sand from the family house.

My husband’s family has 2 sons, when my wife and I poured money into building a house, maybe we could live there later, sometimes my parents-in-law divided equally between the two sons, it would be considered that I lost the money to build the house. let go. Not to mention, in the family matter, if there is an unfortunate divorce, I will not be able to divide the property but have to leave my husband’s house with empty hands.

Suddenly I felt so disappointed in my mother-in-law. If I follow my mother-in-law’s advice, it’s like making it difficult for myself. And if you don’t do it, you probably won’t be at peace at your husband’s house. I also asked my husband to go out to live alone, but he was afraid of his mother so he did not dare to make a decision.

I am very upset, what should I do to handle this situation thoroughly? Should you definitely move out to escape the grip of your mother-in-law?


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