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Grow taller + reduce fractures + prevent osteoporosis = 3 “huge” benefits of vitamins D3, K2

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

Vitamins D3, K2 have been proven to bring many health benefits, especially in helping children increase height, reduce the risk of fractures and prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamins D3, K2 – The “golden” couple to help children grow to their maximum height

Proper nutrition is the first “key” for children to effectively increase height. However, calcium from nutritional sources is only well absorbed and optimally attached to the bone in the presence of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

Supplementing with vitamins D3, K2 in addition to a varied, calcium-rich diet helps provide the necessary materials for bone development and children to increase height. Research by Maria Schröder (University of Oslo, Norway) et al in 2020 shows that:

In the group supplemented with vitamin D3, there was a more significant increase in bone length. In the group supplemented with vitamin K2, the bearing capacity (firmness) was superior. In particular, the group supplemented with both vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 had a marked increase in both height and strength and flexibility. while the non-supplemented group almost only increased robustness and the height increased insignificantly (by ½ of the supplemented group).

Grow taller + reduce fractures + prevent osteoporosis = 3

Research by Dr. Ganmaa (Harvard University, USA) also shows that the group of 12-15 year olds supplemented with 800 IU of vitamin D3 increased by 4.6cm in 6 months while the group of children without supplement only gained 3.7cm. So, This group of children can be taller than 2cm/year compared with the non-supplemented group, not to mention the average increase by age. If maintained with adequate vitamin D3, K2 for many years, the height difference will be huge!

Reduce the risk of bone fracture by 24% thanks to enough vitamin D3, K2

Research by Andrew Mott (York University, UK) published in the International Journal of Osteoporosis (2019) indicates: Vitamin K2 can affect bone mineral density and fracture rate. When supplemented with vitamin K2, postmenopausal women and patients with osteoporosis can reduce the risk of fracture by up to 24%.

The reason vitamin K2 brings such positive effects is because vitamin K2, especially the MK7 form, has the ability to activate osteocalcin (a protein that plays a key role in bone mineralization and new bone building), and calcium navigation. from the intestines to the bones, Increases the storage and production of collagen in the bones, thereby increasing the flexibility and elasticity of the bones.

In particular, when vitamin K2 is supplemented with vitamin D3, the effect of reducing the risk of fracture is more pronounced. According to the Seaton Center for Chiropractic and Functional Therapy (USA), Older adults when supplemented with 800 IU of vitamin D per day reduced the risk of hip and vertebral fractures by 25%.

Meanwhile, research by the Medical University of Bialystok indicates that, Sufficient vitamin D3, K2 not only helps reduce the risk of fractures but also makes bones heal faster after fracture.

Grow taller + reduce fractures + prevent osteoporosis = 3

Prevention of osteoporosis – indispensable D3, K2

According to the World Health Organization, although osteoporosis is a disease that mainly occurs in the elderly, but Prevention of osteoporosis must be done at an early age, before reaching peak bone mass (18-20 years).

The higher the peak bone mass, the lower the risk of osteoporosis. A 10% increase in peak bone mass in childhood can reduce the risk of fractures due to osteoporosis in adulthood by up to 50%, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

To achieve optimal peak bone mass, it is indispensable for the presence of vitamins D3, K2. Research by a team of scientists from Qingdao University (China) through 8 controlled trials on nearly 1000 people showed that: Vitamins D3, K2 increase bone mineral density, thereby increasing bone mass, bone quality is improved 2 times.

In addition, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 also have the ability to stimulate bone formation, inhibit bone resorption, and keep these two processes in balance, thereby effectively preventing osteoporosis.

Grow taller + reduce fractures + prevent osteoporosis = 3

How to supplement with vitamins D3, K2 to “catch” the set of 3 benefits?

Vitamins D3, K2 are necessary micronutrients for bone and height growth but are not abundant in daily foods. Therefore, their supplementation from external sources has been widely recommended.

In Viet Nam, Dimao Vitamin D3 400IU and Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 is a duo of vitamin D3, K2 supplements that are very popular thanks to their convenience, easy to adjust the dose to suit each age and development of the child.

The spray form for superior absorption by the direct spray mechanism into the oral cavity helps nutrients penetrate directly into the capillaries and is not affected by digestive juices. This helps children get the most out of micronutrients.

Grow taller + reduce fractures + prevent osteoporosis = 3

Products are imported genuine from Europe, meet strict pharmaceutical standards of the EU market, tested for quality and licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health, ensuring safety for children when used.

Grow taller + reduce fractures + prevent osteoporosis = 3

Banh Mi (Binh Duong) at 4.5 years old (left) and 8 years old (right). Although she is only 8 years old, she is 1m33 tall, equal to 9 years old. Banh Mi started adding Dimao and Keovon from April 2019.

Many parents let their children use it Dimao Vitamin D3 and Keovon Vitamin K2-MK7 Every day, children are said to be healthy, strong, develop markedly in height and especially, children love to supplement because the product has an extremely pleasant natural taste.

Dimao Vitamin D3 400 IU and Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 is vitamin D3, K2 spray form imported genuine from Europe, contributing to help the body absorb calcium well, enhance the process of attaching calcium to bones, making bones and teeth strong, supporting optimal height development for children.

Besides, Keovon It also helps the blood clotting process to take place normally in case people often have nosebleeds, prolonged bleeding time.

For more information visit:

Hotline: 1900 58 88 36

Grow taller + reduce fractures + prevent osteoporosis = 3

Products are imported and distributed exclusively by CTT Vietnam International Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company and Vietnam Prohealth Joint Stock Company.

This product is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine.

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