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How to reduce your risk of dying after a stroke?

Stroke survivors can reduce their risk of dying by up to 76% in the first year with moderate exercise under close medical supervision.

New research published in the journal The Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases has the potential to change the future of post-patient care strokeby site Science Daily.

Safe exercise reduces the risk of death after stroke


Specifically, research conducted by a team of experts from the JFK Johnson Institute for Rehabilitation (New Jersey State, USA) has shown that volunteers – also patients who have experienced a serious stroke, have had significant improvement in health overall after a period of time Safe exercise and exercise under medical supervision.

Study co-author, Dr. Sara J. Cuccurullo – Medical Director of JFK Johnson, said that after a stroke, most of the patient’s family will be cautious and limit the patient’s movement and movement.

“But we’ve shown that even people who’ve had a major stroke can exercise safely with medical supervision, and they benefit greatly,” she said. let me know.

Previously, JFK Johnson’s team of experts conducted a study on more than 1,600 patients. Accordingly, the patients will be able to participate in simple exercises, such as walking around the area where they live. The results show that the patient’s speech and cognition are significantly improved because the overall circulation is promoted, thereby helping to enhance the patient’s speech. blood circulation to the brain.

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