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I don’t want to see her living in poverty as a single mother

Next to my house there is a neighbor who just moved in 2 months ago. Through the story of my wife, I know her name is Hang, just graduated from school for more than five years, her job is not stable.

Seeing the neighbor’s belly getting bigger and bigger, I asked who the baby’s father was? My wife sadly said Hang trot was pregnant with a man and when they found out she was pregnant, they left.

My wife’s character is very loving, knowing that Hang suffers many losses when she is about to be single mom so she supports a lot of things. Whenever there is something delicious at home, my wife always brings it over to invite her to eat. When Hang lacked money to borrow a few hundred thousand, my wife generously gave it away.

Yesterday, when I was cooking, when I saw my wife coming home from shopping, carrying a lot of baby clothes, I asked in surprise. The wife said that there is more than a month left for Hang to give birth and want to prepare well for her.

Then my wife asked me to sit down and talk. She said that Hang is young, her future is still long, she is pregnant with parents and relatives, no one knows. Hang wants after giving birth, ask my husband and I to take care of them for a few years. She will go foreign workerssend money to us every month to raise our children.

I said hot face that Hang is not related, why should I take care of it. Why did Hang not bring the child back to adoptive parents?

My wife told her parents that she knew about the girl pregnant without a husband will be ashamed and rejected from her face. The wife said that the children are grown, now having another baby is also happy. His wife said that she loves Hang very much, considers her a sister, and does not want to see her live in poverty as a single mother, struggling all her life.

I said what if Hang left forever, leaving her children and not caring? Wife told her she is a good mother, won’t do that, trust her and give her a chance. If Hang does not pick up the child, my wife and I will treat the baby as a child and nurture it until adulthood.

Raising another human child is not easy. I don’t know how to advise my wife anymore!

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