I have been divorced for 2 years

Actor Ba Anh is familiar with television audiences through many films such as: Waves there, River fork, Don’t play with time, Hanoi winter in 1946, Going through the wide sea day, Living forever with capital Do, Eva’s Secret, Life and Death, Return to Love… Especially in the movie “Candles in the Night” with Van addicted, Ba Anh made the audience remember her face and name. And this is also a role that creates an important turning point for actor Ba Anh. Before that, Ba Anh almost always played good characters, but coming to the role of Van can be considered as Ba Anh’s revolution when playing a villain.

Ba Anh returned in the movie “Thuong on a sunny day” with the role of Vuong as a new breeze, full of humor and wit. Ba Anh played the full role, showing a new color in her acting career. VOV.VN reporter had an interview with actor Ba Anh about concerns in his career and current life.

'Mr Vuong of Thuong returns on a sunny day': I have been divorced for 2 years - 1

Vuong’s shoulder is like a dot

– Many viewers mention Ba Anh as they remember Mr. Van in the movie “Candles in the night”, proving that Van is still his role for life?

In fact, I also played many roles, although not the main, but also left an impression in the hearts of the audience. In 2010 – 2011 I participated in a series of films such as “Tran Thu Do”, “The Legend of Thien Do” which are very long-running movies, then the series “Eva’s Secret” on television. In addition, I also participate in the main work at the theater because that is where I was born. Theater is original.

I always have to work hard to be grateful to the place that let me take off my passion and be grateful to generations of seniors and seniors in the theater like Mr. Chi Trung, Ms. Le Khanh, Ms. Lan Huong, Mr. Anh Tu are the who did glory for the Theater. Then in my generation, Van Dung, Duc Khue, Anh Tuan, Nguyet Hang are also successful faces of the Youth Theater. Or the children of the next generation are also very good like Thu Quynh, Thanh Son, Do Duy Nam, Bao Thanh. A whole generation of you guys followed up very well. I want that to promote the tradition of Youth Theater for young people. And especially when theater actors go to make movies, they still keep the best quality for the audience but still retain the image of the Youth Theater.

Theater actors perform to ensure good quality, not obscure. I find that the Youth Theater has brought actors to participate in television and has been given wings by VFC to get closer to audiences and viewers in all regions, bringing messages from the artists world and the background. home art.

Will getting closer to the audience push you and your colleagues to become more passionate about the roles?

I don’t distinguish between big or small roles. Each role has its own value. What we are happy about is that we have made a small contribution to bringing the audience to the TV series. Now, when it comes to TV series, everyone is very interested, looking forward to watching it on VTV’s prime time frame.

Different from decades ago, the audience was not very interested because there were many other concerns. And now, Vietnamese television has won the audience’s trust and I think foreign films can’t get in, because Vietnamese movies have the Vietnamese soul, the audience will feel somewhere on the film. with his real life.

– Returning to the TV series “Love the sunny day”, this role gives Ba Anh a fresh color?

I played a small role in “Love the sunny day”. This role has its own color film in the film and hopes to have a fresh, funny, witty, humorous perspective to lighten the hardships and sorrows, make the movie lovely, light, pleasant. and more poetic.

When I received the movie script, I had to discuss with the director very carefully about each scene and was supported. Right from the beginning when I read the script, I imagined this character to be very poetic, so I also asked the screenwriters to add poems and rhymes and vice versa, I also had to find more poems and rhymes myself. to put on it more interesting, more pleasant. But now, every single color of suffering and crying will make the audience carry a sad mood. Good, fresh breaks are good energy and my character is that freshness.

'Mr Vuong of Thuong returns on a sunny day': I have been divorced for 2 years - 2

Uncle Vuong (Ba Anh) has a cute love story with Mong Mo – the owner of a massage parlor near his house.

The script of “Love the sunny day” is very compassionate, all storms come and go, but humanity will remain. Everyone is watching part 2 of “Love the sunny day” to see that human love is overcoming many challenges, human love has retained a lot of preciousness between people, parents, brothers, colleagues. Karma. Without that, we have nothing.

In “Love the sunny day”, he had the opportunity to work with veteran actors. Did they really show the “peak” in acting?

I think that people like Mr. Tien Dat, Ms. Minh Hoa, Ms. Thanh Quy are people who belong to “national property”. Ms. Thanh Quy works at film studio No. 4, does not have much time to go to festivals to have many medals and medals, but in my eyes, she has been a People’s Artist for a long time. And many viewers have judged that she is an artist of the people, every time she plays a role, she acts like she’s not acting.

As in “Love the sunny day”, the way of incarnation, incarnation and from her character flowed out this Russian lady, not trying to act at all. We also try to follow good actors like you. What we don’t know, you all try to share.

The desired role is still ahead

As an artist, no matter what type of role you receive, you will not refuse as long as you are interested and find it suitable?

People often talk about me when I play the role of Van in “The Candles in the Night”. But for me, the roles that I want to be offered are still ahead. The roles when I was assigned, every role I was anxious about, every role I was interested in. That’s why even small roles like Vuong’s role in “Love the sunny day”. From the moment I received the script, I envisioned the character and I tried on wigs and clothes to send the image to the director.

I don’t care how the shoulder is. The important thing is that when taking on a role, having a soul, then I have to add more to make the role fuller, more interesting and lovely, making a small contribution to the success of the movie I participate in.

Thank you very much to the writers for creating such a lovely character. But besides that, the responsibility of the actor is to make that character have enough soul, must have fate, happiness and sadness. But I only read enough lines like the director’s script, then the character “died”, considered as a puppet, a machine and that was not in my mind.

'Mr Vuong of Thuong returns on a sunny day': I've been divorced for 2 years - 3

So what role are you waiting for?

There are a lot of roles that I think are very interesting. Before, I admired Meritorious Artist Duy Hau. I am also very fortunate to have made some films with meritorious artist Duy Hau, such as “Waves at the bottom of the river”, “The candles in the night.” Although he did not work much, his characters Duy Hau were portrayed extremely well by him. To me, Mr. Duy Hau is a very professional and successful actor with the films he participates in. He acted so successfully that after the movie “Waves at the bottom of the river”, people even threw water on the street because the role reached the climax of cruelty and evil from the heart. There are types of roles that I think if I can do it, I will exploit it to the fullest. I think what remains to be the challenge lies ahead. I’m also only 50 years old, so I still have a lot of opportunities to work and if I can do it, I have to do it well.

I have no standards for my woman

Since your hobby is drawing, besides acting, do you still have time for personal hobbies?

I like to listen to the guitar and play the guitar. I study art, so I also have time to look at paintings, take photos, and then draw. Things that calm me down, slow me down. I also love reading because books are quintessentially condensed world experiences.

I also say everything that I like and want for my children. For example, the older brother likes to play the piano like his father, and the second brother likes to cook. I always respect their preferences and thoughts, not forcing them to do what they like.

Are you afraid to talk about your family? Because divorce or marriage are both predestined.

My wife and I broke up 2 years ago. I want everything to be really peaceful for my children to grow up, so that life is not disturbed. We are like friends who care about our children and often talk about parenting.

I want my children to grow up in peace and not get hurt. Life now can’t predict anything, so when an incident happens, I can only keep it for myself, so many newspapers still arbitrarily exploit the story of my family and use old photos to illustrate. I don’t want to make excuses because whatever has happened has already happened, but at this point I also want to officially speak out about my family in the press. Because maybe in the future I will walk again or stay here with my children. I’m not one for constant change. My wife and I had a very long separation, then we broke up, but we broke up a long time ago and I also want her to have a relaxed life. Even though we are no longer husband and wife, I am always grateful to her for giving birth to my children.

So what will your future woman be like?

'Mr Vuong of Thuong returns on a sunny day': I have been divorced for 2 years - 4

I am a person who always has a plan. My plan now is for the children to grow up happily, undisturbed as much as possible. Everything else I consider “accidental”. I don’t set a woman to be like this or that. Living together for a few decades is not suitable, then let go of each other’s hands to live comfortably, not hurt each other, make each other sad and let the children witness the sad scenes of their parents. “Faithful, natural, and mutually compatible / Unfaithful in the face of incompatibility”.

Thank you.

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