Identify depression and signs of suicide to prevent

But unfortunately, when the sick go to the doctor, they are already infected depression heavy. How to detect early, prevent the disease from recurring, especially prevent unfortunate deaths is a question that many people are interested in.

Depression is easy to relapse, the next time is worse than the last time

At the Department of Mental Health, Hospital E, we met a lot of depressed patients who came to see us. According to a patient’s family, their relatives came to the doctor when their depression recurred for the second time. The first time the patient suffered from it many years ago, this time saw blood in the mouth, went to the doctor and only had reflux esophagitis, gastritis, and gastritis. but the patient is still worried about losing sleep.

The patient had to take sedation to regain sleep, but still no improvement. After many days of chronic insomnia, fatigue, weight loss, anxiety, inability to focus on work, depression, and pessimism about themselves, the patient went to a psychologist. The patient was diagnosed with a second relapse of depression.

Ths.BS Nguyen Viet Chung, Department of Mental Health, said that most of the patients who come here have been treated elsewhere, when they come here they have relapsed for the 2nd and 3rd time… believe in treatment when they have traveled too many places, seen many doctors, met enough diagnoses, or run out of money… so they feel discouraged from entering treatment.

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A doctor examines and provides psychological counseling for a minor.

Depression is a mental health disorder that requires intervention, counseling, treatment and cure. When a physician identifies a person with a diagnosis of depression of varying degrees and at risk of suicide, the patient needs treatment. Signs to identify people with depression include: Forgetting about the events of the day, low self-esteem, pessimism about yourself, feeling guilty towards family, not participating in activities with friends, gradually decreasing. interested, interested, incompetent…

“The above signs last for 14 days and those signs appear almost every day and last all day, affecting life function, activities, family, work, society… then it is necessary to Examination and treatment Depression has different stages, usually a course of treatment for depression lasts 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, but there are also depressions that will last longer, maybe 1 to 2 months. The body has a self-healing mechanism, each person will find a way to recover. That’s why some people think that I have signs of depression, but I can improve on my own. Yes, that’s very good. However, if one person gets better on their own and one gets care from specialists, the consequences of depression will be much milder for the person in the care of a specialist. and more time to face the disease,” said Dr. Chung.

Depression is easy to relapse, only a specialist knows why this person is depressed. After treatment, experts know how to prevent depression next time for the patient as much as possible. If the first depression goes away, the risk of a second episode is about 20%. If it is the first or second time, the risk of a third recurrence is 50%. If there is a 3rd time, the risk of a 4th recurrence is 80%. Therefore, patients with depression are not only cured, but also need expert advice to prevent the next time they do not recur. That is extremely important.

Dr. Chung has treated many patients with recurrent depression for the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th time. He said, every time a patient relapses, the risk of another relapse is very high. The treatment of relapse is difficult, strenuous and persistent. For example, having to increase the dose of a drug is associated with more side effects, making the patient more insecure. Therefore, the doctor must understand the cause of the disease in order to treat it.

According to Dr. Chung, for every patient who comes to see the doctor, the most important factor is that he has time to get to know the patient. “There are patients I see for up to 1 hour and 10 minutes, enough time to understand their condition. Any patient who comes to see me will ask to see their family members to discuss. If the patient receives support from family and doctors, the disease passes faster and the chance of recurrence is less,” said Dr. Chung.

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Depression can be cured if detected early and treated in time (Artwork).

How to prevent patient suicide?

According to research on groups of medical students in Ho Chi Minh City, the rate of depression is more than 15%. With high-risk subjects such as pregnant women, or those with serious diseases such as cancer, cerebrovascular accident, there are studies up to 40%-60 with different severity. The most dangerous level of depression is suicide, causing unfortunate consequences for the sufferer and causing damage to their loved ones and families.

Professor Cao Tien Duc, former Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Hospital 103, said that usually suicide is the end of a problematic, well-thought-out and prepared process. plan, means, time, place…); Suicidal behavior has occurred suddenly, but these cases are rare. There are teenagers who commit suicide sometimes for very trivial reasons.

“I’ve met two very heartbreaking stories, a 10-year-old child, crossing a stream, dropped a slipper. When he returned home, his mother scolded him for a few sentences, he found death. Or as another case, he lost his schooling. Because of the fear of being beaten and scolded by their parents, they also committed suicide.Children in adolescence have immature personalities and are prone to generating negative thoughts, so they need understanding and tolerance. Love, closeness, and spending enough time with their children is a way for parents to detect abnormalities and suicidal behavior of their children,” said Prof. Cao Tien Duc.

According to Dr. Chung, due to the symptoms of depression, the patient is too tired and in many cases leads to suicidal behavior, there are suicide plans (intention to store, hide things to perform). commit suicide), they just need to have a certain time or sign that they will commit suicide. Suicide is largely preventable with timely identification and intervention.

So how to identify and intervene in a timely manner the suicidal behavior of people with depression? Dr. Chung said, often these patients do not want to come for treatment. At this point, doctors need to understand their patients well to convince them. The most important is family.

“When treating, I always see the patient’s family, discuss with the patient, the doctor wants to see the family member, sometimes the time I see the family member is half of the time to see the patient. I help the family. they understand what their loved one is suffering from and what problems they are having; explain what depression is, how long it lasts and what it is, to help families understand and empathize with the difficulty the loved one has How are people experiencing depression? From there, advise the family that accompanies the depressed person some time to get over it. For example, they have time to go to the gym together, have fun together. , help ensure regular check-ups and treatment, make sure loved ones take their medicine regularly every day, monitor unwanted side effects of drugs to tell the doctor to change medicine; or family help women after giving birth take care of children at night …”, Dr. Chung emphasized.

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Many parents send their children to be examined for psychological disorders at the National Children’s Hospital.

According to doctors, family is extremely important and always needed during the treatment of depressed people. The family will monitor for signs and symptoms of severe depression such as: Transient speech or suicide plans; self-harm; refuse treatment by quitting smoking, pretending to take medicine…

The family is the place and the person who clearly sees it, to intervene in time. Families play a very important role in working with doctors and specialists to help their loved one.

Dr. Chung recommends that we should have the right awareness of depression, should not be stigmatized and should not feel guilty when suffering from depression. Depression is a common disease, one day a colleague has it, the next day it may be yourself and the next time it comes to the next person. Therefore, do not discriminate or feel guilty, but understand, try to help and encourage each other to overcome illness.

Currently, people only have periodic health check-ups for physical health, but no one has had regular mental health check-ups. Therefore, according to the doctor’s recommendation, it is advisable to have regular mental health checkups every 6 months or 1 year. sensitivity and consequences are much lower.

“Currently, the people who go to the doctor for depression are usually those who have a very serious illness, or their relatives realize that they are already very serious when they are advised to go to the doctor. Depression is much more difficult to treat at a later stage and causes many consequences. results,” emphasized Dr. Chung.

Depression can be completely cured, that’s why patients should not try to hide or try to fight depression alone, because next to them are family members, friends, colleagues, and experts completely help the patient overcome. Depression is not a disease that takes medicine the day before and goes away the next day; or psychotherapy the day before, the next day, depression is a disease that has to be faced month by month, year by year, but it can be completely cured because this is not a chronic and continuous disease in life. Therefore, treatment should not be abandoned. Please try to understand in detail, after the treatment is cured, there are measures to prevent recurrence next time.

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