In some localities, up to 90% of people have to “lay hands” when making red books

That is the information indicated in the Provincial Public Administration and Governance Performance Index (PAPI) Report 2021, just released on May 10. Notably, the content index score of “Controlling corruption in the public sector” in PAPI 2021 decreased for the first time since 2016 when the fierce anti-corruption campaign began.

According to the results of the PAPI survey in 2021, Vietnam was heavily affected by the pandemic, causing concerns about people’s health to emerge. The proportion of people concerned about health and health insurance increased sharply from 2% to 23%.

Ms. Caltlln Wlesen, resident representative of UNDP Vietnam – the PAPI implementation unit, said that the percentage of people satisfied with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels of the government has decreased from 89% in 2020 to low. 84% in 2021. In particular, in the health sector, the level of people’s satisfaction with the services of the district/district/provincial public hospital decreased. Meanwhile, the percentage of people who said that they or their family members had to “spend together” to get better care at district public hospitals increased slightly.

The “Accountability to the people” factor in 2021 decreased sharply compared to 2019 and 2020. This decrease may be due to the fact that local governments are overloaded with a large number of people’s requests related to politics. policies to support and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. Besides, the implementation of social distancing requires many activities to be moved online, but the rate of using electronic public services through Online public service portals of all levels of government are still very low.

“The findings from the PAPI Report 2021 demonstrate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the effectiveness of participatory public governance. This helps governments at all levels prepare scenarios to respond to similar health and economic crises that may occur in the future. We hope that the data published today will help provide useful evidence for upcoming discussions in the 2022 law-making program. In particular, the draft Law on implementing grassroots democracy and the revised Land Law project, are the same issues that PAPI has measured over the years”, said Ms. Caitlin Wiesen, resident representative of the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam.

Dr. Nguyen Huu Dung, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, said that the PAPI index has supported the promotion of accountability to people at all levels of government, contributed to the process of renewal and innovation. innovation in the public sector for the purpose of “benefiting the people” in addition to the goals of “people know, people discuss, people do, people check” in implementing democracy at grassroots level. This is also the spirit of the draft Law on Implementation of Grassroots Democracy to be discussed at the National Assembly this year.”

According to Quynh Nga

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