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Ironically, my ex-girlfriend is deaf, looking at the person standing next to her, I cry at night

“You can rest assured, without you, I would have married someone else much better. A kind and sincere man is hard to find, but a traitor, leaving the woman who stayed by his side for a few years in difficult times. I have no regrets.”

When Chi and I broke up after 3 years of love, she scolded me like that. The reason was just because I asked for a divorce when she went to the doctor to find out that she had polycystic ovary syndrome, it was very difficult to have children. I went online to find out and ask for advice from people around, after listening to it, I broke out in a sweat.

There is a couple that is an acquaintance of my friend, whose wife has a similar condition. They have been married for 5 years and have no children. They have been treated with all kinds of medicines, spending a lot of money and effort. The husband was afraid of having a bad reputation, so he did not dare to divorce, which lasted for 5 years, and finally had to break up. So it’s better not to get married in the first place.

Ironic ex-girlfriend is amp;#34;deaf scowl amp;#34;, looking at the person standing next to her, I cried at night - 1

Chi was shocked, scolded a few sentences and then agreed to stop. (Illustration)

Therefore, I also told Chi directly, hoping she would understand me because I am an only son. My parents are old, can’t wait that long. Chi was shocked, scolded a few sentences and then agreed to stop. Fortunately, she did not interfere. Since then, we have not contacted each other for 3 years. I am currently married, my wife just gave birth to her first child 8 months ago.

Yesterday by chance, I met Vy at the supermarket. I see her pushing the cart, choosing to buy things. On the weekend that Chi was alone, thinking about the criticism and challenge of her parting, I approached to say hello and then sarcastically:

“It’s been three years and you’re still alone like this? You have a disease in your body but you’re picky, it’s a bit difficult to find someone like you. You have to lower your standards to accept your flaws” you’re deaf” .

I’m not a bitter person, but who said that when she broke up, she was not civilized and polite, but also killed and condemned me. Chi looked at me in surprise, then was about to speak, when suddenly a middle-aged woman came quickly to grab the cart from her hand, then turned to me and scolded me:

“Who are you to talk about my daughter-in-law like that? Ah I remember, you’re her fake ex-boyfriend, aren’t you? Abandoning your girlfriend during difficult times of illness, what qualifications do you have to appear first? I’ll tell you, now that she’s my daughter-in-law, about to give birth to a grandchild for me, if you say bad things to make her angry, don’t blame me!”.

He put the bird’s nest box in the cart and shouted at Chi:

– I told you to let me push the cart, I’m pregnant, don’t push it too hard. Mom bought the bird’s nest, come back and eat it.

Then they turned away and didn’t care about me anymore. Only I stood there like heaven, watching the figure of Chi smiling and talking happily with her mother-in-law gradually disappearing. It turned out that she was already married, and had a mother-in-law who defended and treated her daughter-in-law well.

Ironic ex-girlfriend is amp;#34;deaf scowlamp;#34;, looking at the person standing next to her, I cried at night - 2

It turned out that she was already married and had such a good mother-in-law. (Illustration)

I remember when the doctor said before that Chi’s disease was more difficult to conceive than usual, but that didn’t mean there was no child. It seems that Chi has told all about the past to her husband’s family and her mother-in-law is extremely tolerant. Chi has really found a good man.

When I got home, I saw my wife lying on the sofa with a mask on, and the child playing on the floor, and I was mad. My wife got nothing but giving me a child. She refused to work, did not know how to take care of the children, did not bother to cook and do housework, all day long, she only asked for my money to spend frivolously.

That night, I talked to a friend and learned that Chi remarried last year, her husband is very good, and her husband’s family also has conditions. She herself is now the head of the department, her career is full. I couldn’t sleep all night, regretted it, and was in pain to tears. Perhaps my biggest mistake in this life was abandoning Chi!

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