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“Johnny Depp and Will Smith are both ‘crazy’ for the roles”

Johnny Depp and Will Smith are currently entangled in scandals in their careers: one is in the middle of a lawsuit with his ex-wife and another has reached a dead end after assaulting a colleague on television. Host Joe Rogan has come up with a theory that outlines why these two talented actors have been caught up in recent scandals.

Specifically, in the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, MC and guest Tony Hinchcliffe discussed how madness and genius ideas often go together. In particular, two examples are given to demonstrate this are Johnny Depp and Will Smith.

Johnny Depp and Will Smith are both crazy about their roles - Photo 1.

Will Smith received the first Oscar in his film career after slapping his colleagues right on stage. (Image: Getty)

“To be such people, who are so great in a certain movie, they have to be a little crazy,” the host continued to refer to Will Smith with the film. King Richard“He’s a great actor who shows all his true emotions in the movie. But maybe he’s always on the verge of just wanting to cry.”

“It’s like he’s cursed. He’s one of the biggest movie stars, yet he lives in hell. He suffers as if he must be in hell.” Joe Rogan added.

Another evidence given by Joe Rogan is Johnny Depp and the noisy lawsuit between the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard. “Sometimes we envy movie stars and want to know how their lives are, right? This is the truth, when a witch fooled everyone that she was beaten by Johnny beat”, Joe Rogan bluntly called Amber a “witch”.

Johnny Depp and Will Smith are both crazy about their roles - Photo 2.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the trial of the loudest lawsuit in Hollywood history. (Image: Getty)

According to Joe Rogan’s theory, what both these stars have in common is that they both have to play too many roles, even in real life. Their roles seem to be ‘crazy’, but in reality, maybe this is how they feel.

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