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Launch of The Noodle House restaurant chain

The Noodle House brand – Pho Trang An has just been launched in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang with a different appearance compared to the space of a typical pho restaurant: clean, beautiful, elegant and antique. Classical, sophisticated of Hanoi people.

Elegant space, quality satisfying pho “connoisseurs”

Stepping into the restaurant, diners will immediately feel a cool, clean and modern space. Tables and chairs, dishes, wall paint colors… with the main color tone being black and white. On the wall are pictures of old Hanoi.

The kitchen counter is a completely open space, a team of chefs with professional costumes, trained towards international standards. There are no dirty, greasy tables and chairs, no slippery floors and odors that cause diners to frown. The attractive smell when entering The Noodle House is the fragrant broth.

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The Noodle House’s clean, modern space is different

The representative of The Noodle House owner shared that The Noodle House’s first establishment was opened in the Diplomatic Corps (Embassy Garden) in January 2022, when Hanoi was still under stress due to the Covid pandemic. -19. “In compliance with the city’s anti-epidemic regulations, there are days when the only customers of the restaurant are the chairman of the Board of Directors and our general manager. Many pots of broth with heirloom recipes are meticulously cooked for up to 18 hours, then at the end of the day we share them with the staff and bring them home.”

But only 4 months later, The Noodle House’s establishments were born one after another, and were tried by thousands of diners out of curiosity, then loved and introduced to friends and relatives. Not only Vietnamese guests, many international diners also came to enjoy and express their satisfaction.

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International diners are satisfied when enjoying Pho Trang An

On May 10, the 6th establishment of The Noodle House and the first one in Ho Chi Minh City was cut and opened at the address 76 Bach Dang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District. By going into operation and serving customers after only 7 days of setup, it has shown the determination and consensus of the whole system as well as professionalism in organization and operation. Through the crowds of guests on the opening day at the Ho Chi Minh City facility, The Noodle House’s Trang An pho is increasingly scoring with Southern diners.

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The first establishment in Ho Chi Minh City crowded with diners on the opening day

The Noodle House – aspiration to become an international brand

Mr. Dang Ha Lam – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, founder of the chain shared: “With the reception of diners in the past time, we believe that The Noodle House – Pho Trang An will successfully fulfill this thirst. We hope to bring Vietnamese Pho into an international brand.”

Also on the opening day, many investors decided to sign a cooperation contract to franchise The Noodle House – Pho Trang An. Dang Ha Lam said that this May, at least 4 locations of The Noodle House will be opened in major cities across the country.

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Investors sign the decision on franchise cooperation

Mr. Lam also said that, according to the company’s development plan and roadmap, in 2022, 81 establishments of The Noodle House will come into operation through investment cooperation and franchising.

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