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Let her boyfriend find out the ‘way back’, the female student was furious when a week later, the ‘little girl’ was hot

It is not only sex that causes gynecological inflammation, but daily living and hygiene habits that are too clean also make the ‘little girl’ vulnerable.

Panic because ‘girl’ is hot

Having not had sex, ‘the girl’ is still infected, but N. does not dare to go to the gynecological examination but at home douche herself, leading to a more severe infection.

Recently, 21-year-old Vu Ngoc N., residing in Hoang Mai, Hanoi, found her ‘little girl’ had an itching and burning phenomenon. N. went online to read the symptoms of gynecological inflammation and N. treated himself. She asked people to buy betel leaves to cook, but the situation did not stop.

N. read on the internet and saw that applying aloe vera leaves would help soothe inflammation and itching, she followed. After applying aloe vera for 2 days, N. was relieved when she was red and swollen for no reason.

At this time, N. just found a doctor. The doctor said that N. had gynecological inflammation and swelling in the vaginal area and vaginal wall because of abusing douching with betel leaves, applying too much aloe.

N. said that because he had not had sex, he did not dare to go to a gynecologist. Partly because of shame, partly because of fear of “tearing the hymen” when going to the doctor.

After consulting and researching, the doctor learned that N. is too clean. Every day, she washes her private area in the morning and afternoon with salt water, which unbalances the pH in the vaginal area, causing infection.

The case of Do Quynh V. (19 years old, a student in Hanoi) rushed to the doctor because the “little girl” was itchy, red and burning. V. said she had not had sex, but more than a week ago she let her boyfriend “find out the way back” and was afraid of affecting “the little girl”, so V went to the doctor.

She fears the infection will later become infertile. When examining V., the doctor said that she had appendicitis and only needed to use oral drugs, external washes, nothing to worry about.

According to Ths.BS Do Thi Thu Hien – Specialist examination department, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, gynecological infections can occur at any age. Usually, many gynecological diseases can still appear when there is no sexual intercourse, because the disease is not necessarily transmitted through intercourse, but the cause may be due to living lifestyle, private hygiene regime. unsafe, wet intimate area, etc., creating conditions for fungi and bacteria to have the opportunity to grow and cause disease.

Let her boyfriend find out the 'way back', after 1 week the female student received a bitter ending
Gynecological examination at Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.

Causes of gynecological inflammation

Dr. Hien explained that the female reproductive system has an open structure, so if the source of water or hygiene solution is not guaranteed, the private area is very susceptible to impact, inflammatory pathogens attack into disease.

The main cause of the disease is poor hygiene that allows bacteria to attack, which in turn leads to vulvar – vaginal infections, many cases of excessive hygiene are also very easy to lead to scratches and infections.

Dr. Hien said that there are many cases of teenage girls suffering from vaginitis due to self-indulgence in deep vaginal douching, in some cases due to self-medication without a doctor’s prescription.

Touches outside the vulva area can also cause the “private area” to become infected with bacteria. A humid, unhygienic environment has the potential to grow fungi and bacteria.

In addition, some cases of vaginal infections caused by endocrine disorders like female friends include gynecological inflammation and fibroids, uterine cysts.

Another reason is that women wear tight pants, making the intimate area tight for a long time, wet due to secret gas, creating conditions for bacteria and fungi to arise.

Gynecological inflammation is easy to recur if not treated early, many women subjectively do not pay attention to hygiene after treatment, which causes the disease to recur for a long time.

Dr. Hien recommends that when experiencing symptoms such as burning sensation, itching, discomfort, bad odor, abnormal discharge, etc., you need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. clear and effective.

The best way is for women to choose clinics and hospitals with reputable obstetrics and gynecology specialties. Because you and I have not had sex, if you go to the doctor, the doctor will not examine deeply, but can only take a little fluid outside the vaginal opening to look for the cause.

After the examination, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medicine for treatment. In combination with medication, women also need to clean the private area, change underwear twice a day, absolutely do not wash deep inside the vagina because it will cause more severe inflammation.

Underwear should be dried in the sun, should use cotton underwear, good sweat absorption to keep the intimate area dry, should not wear underwear when it is still damp and should not wear tight pants, should not use soap cotton or strong detergents, antibacterial agents to clean the private area, do not douche without a doctor’s prescription, etc., so the new pathogens have no chance to develop.

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