Link BIDV account with ZaloPay, instantly receive 1,000,000 VND to your wallet

Welcoming summer, the demand for shopping, relaxation and entertainment is increasing again. In order to help customers spend comfortably with more economical costs, BIDV has cooperated with ZaloPay to launch an extremely attractive incentive program.

Accordingly, a gift program worth 1,000,000 VND will be given to customers who first link their bank accounts with ZaloPay wallet and have never had a payment transaction with ZaloPay wallet. When the link is successful, customers can immediately use discount vouchers and reduce fees when shopping at e-commerce platforms, supermarkets, and convenience stores; pay bills (electricity, water, television, consumer loans, meals), recharge phones, book airline tickets…

In case customers have linked bank accounts/cards with ZaloPay wallet, BIDV will give each customer 50,000 VND in cash when inviting friends and relatives who have not used ZaloPay wallet. In addition, at each successful invitation, customers will also receive a gift package worth 50,000 VND including discount vouchers when paying bills at Lazada, Circle K, VieOn and Big C. Thus, with the number of invitations up to 20 turns, customers will be able to receive up to 2,000,000 VND during the promotion period.

Linking a BIDV bank account with ZaloPay wallet is also extremely simple. If you are a new customer, just go to the program’s official page here, select “Link now” then select BIDV in the section linking bank accounts. Once completed, the voucher package of VND 1,000,000 will be automatically updated in the “Preferred Wallet”.

Customers who have used ZaloPay and want to receive gifts just need to visit the official page of the program, select “Send link to invite friends” and send the link to friends who have never linked banks with ZaloPay wallet. When the invitee links successfully and completes the first transaction, the referring customer will receive 50,000 VND in cash and a 50,000 VND voucher package.

In addition to the above incentives, BIDV account holders when using ZaloPay wallet for payment can also receive many exclusive vouchers every month, helping you to shop freely even when your salary has not yet returned.

If you are a shopaholic, what are you hesitating to link up today to “get” money to your wallet and have the opportunity to experience other convenient services.

For more information, customers can contact ZaloPay’s Customer Care Center 1900 54 54 36 or go to ZaloPay application and select “Personal” > “Support Center”.


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