Ly Nhuoc Dong lost too much weight

Ly Nhuoc Dong works hard at the gym. However, she currently causes anxiety when appearing with a thin appearance.

On May 11, 163 reported that Ly Nhuoc Dong’s keyword “paper-thin appearance” became a topic of discussion among Chinese audiences.

The female artist has just shared a gym workout video on her personal page. The new image of Ly Nhuoc Dong did not receive a positive response. Most viewers think that the actress’s appearance is too thin, her legs are thin, and the proportions of her head and body are unbalanced.

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Ly Nhuoc Dong’s alarmingly thin appearance. Photo: Sina.

Page 163 said that Ly Nhuoc Dong She works hard at sports, but her body does not give a feeling of health and vitality. Even the female artist is judged to be losing weight out of control. Currently, the Hong Kong star weighs less than 40 kg and is 1.66 m tall.

Ly Nhuoc Dong entered the entertainment world in 1990. She made her mark with a series of roles in Thien Long Bat Bo, Wudang, Dai Song Truyen Ky, Duong Mon Female General… In 1995, Ly Nhuoc Dong played Tieu Long Nu in God Condor, became the role of a lifetime in her career. Up to now, even though it has been more than 20 years, this version is still considered “the most beautiful Tieu Long Nu on the screen”.

In the past few years, Ly Nhuoc Dong has occasionally guest-starred in TV series such as Tran Tinh Lenh, Dou Dau Thuong Khuong… Her roles are impressive to the audience.

The rest of the time, Ly Nhuoc Dong enjoys his private life and does charity work. She likes to go to the gym and take photos with different styles. Thanks to hard work to change the image, Ly Nhuoc Dong is still interested by the public even though there are not many new works.

Recently, Ly Nhuoc Dong participated in the movie Release Thien Ha. She plays the supporting role of the scheming and cunning queen Bach Ly.

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