Mother-in-law is away, daughter-in-law discovers a terrible thing that is always hidden

I didn’t expect that my mother-in-law would do too much work for me to push me out of the house.

I married the husband of my choice, a handsome, gentle, loving man. But marriage After 3 years, it was difficult for me because my mother-in-law was too much.

I’m pretty, small, hardworking, caring for others… but somehow, my mother-in-law still holds a grudge against me since entering her husband’s house until now.

Whatever I do in my husband’s house, I don’t satisfy my mother-in-law. In the eyes of my mother-in-law, I am a lazy, ugly, spoiled daughter-in-law… Even when I gave birth to a child, my mother-in-law did not help with anything even though we lived under the same roof.

Many times I was resentful, very angry, intending to leave my grandmother’s house for a while to relax, but my husband comforted and encouraged me to hold back. My husband cares and protects me, but when I work far away, I can only come home for a few days a month with my wife and children.

Many times I wondered why my mother-in-law would treat me like this? But there is no answer because almost nothing is hidden.

When I was not married, my mother-in-law only expressed dissatisfaction, but did not forbid it. Until a few days ago, my mother-in-law was away, I knew everything.

Mother-in-law is away, daughter-in-law discovers a terrible thing that is always hidden-1

At home taking care of children, I also feel sad, so when I have free time, I clean the house to be clean and tidy. I rarely clean my mother-in-law’s room, just sweep and clean the room. But when she entered her room, it was probably because she was in a hurry to return to her hometown, so the furniture and clothes in the closet were messy, spilling out and unable to close the door.

By the way, my mother-in-law was not at home, so I dared to open the mother-in-law’s closet and rearrange my clothes neatly. While taking out the clothes to fold, I accidentally saw a rather old iron cake box, afraid that my mother-in-law kept the cake there for a long time without knowing it, so I should try to open it.

Inside there were some belongings, including gold, money and some letters, photos… I was worried because if I touched something, my mother-in-law would blame it. I was about to close the box and put it away when I saw my mother-in-law’s earrings.

It was because of these earrings that I cried bitterly for several weeks because when I first got home, my mother-in-law said she lost her gold earrings, and hinted at me: “Wearing earrings for decades, just take it off for a few days and it’s gone. It’s like having a thief in the house.”

Mother-in-law is away, daughter-in-law discovers a terrible thing that is always hidden-2

Turns out, my mother-in-law hid it to blame me. And yet, I can also see a photo of my mother-in-law taken with her mother and daughter, very happy. After the photo clearly states: “Memorial photo with grandson”. My husband is the only son, so who is this grandson? Or my husband’s stepchild?

I immediately called my husband in panic, he confessed that before falling in love with me, I had a child of my own. The two of them don’t love each other, but my mother-in-law keeps assigning them.

Preparing to get married, the other person ran away due to debt default, and the two broke up. Now, my mother-in-law still secretly meets their mother and daughter, and many times instigate my husband to leave his wife to return to her.

I was shocked to learn the truth about my husband and the reason why his mother-in-law always hates me. My husband kept calling to apologize, but I couldn’t accept this fact.

What do I have to do now? Should I wear earrings to expose my mother-in-law and definitively divorce my husband because I have hidden the fact that I have a child of my own?

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