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Musician Huy Tuan: “SEA Games promotion songs must also be popular, avoid chanting slogans”

In the past few days, the music industry has released many songs to support the 31st SEA Games held in Vietnam. Especially, the MV “Going in the summer” by Black Vau was just released on the evening of May 9. As a musician and music producer, what do you think about SEA Games-oriented songs in general and Den Vau’s MV in particular?

I think that musicians participating in composing to promote SEA Games 31 is a very happy thing. This year, Vietnam is the host country to host the 31st SEA Games, held at a time when the whole region has quite well controlled the Covid-19 epidemic after nearly 2 years, so the spirit of the SEA Games has also become stronger. should be happier.

Musician Huy Tuan:

Musician Huy Tuan is responsible for the music of the 31st SEA Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Photo: FBNV.

The fact that each musician (specialist and amateur) contributes a song or music product… will make the musical colors of this biggest sporting event in Southeast Asia rich and lively. Whether this contribution is official or unofficial, spreading the joyful spirit of the host country to host the SEA Games will also encourage and cheer the athletes a lot.

We see that every year there are many campaigns to compose songs for events, but if we don’t participate in that campaign, sometimes we will be very indifferent. And this SEA Games is a great opportunity for many walks of life, especially musicians, to join in the joyful atmosphere. I think, in life as a musician, only a few times have this opportunity.

In general, I find that every song about the 31st SEA Games has a very beautiful sports spirit. Those are not only songs that spread joy and confidence in victory, but also express a determination to “unite – work together” for a successful Southeast Asian Games. That is something to be very happy about and commendable.

Black Vau’s MV “Going in the summer” caused a lot of controversy about the lyrics. Clip: Black Vau Official.

Actually, I’ve only heard part of the MV “Going in the summer” by Den Vau, but haven’t heard it all yet. But I think, cheering or cheering music must also be able to come into life to be popular and pervasive. A work that wants to have its own life must first ensure the artistic element and the message of the song must be close to the public.

A song to promote SEA Games 31, in addition to cheering lyrics, must also show the artistry for the music to really come to life. What do you think when there are some songs that are too heavy on encouragement, chanting slogans… leading to lack of artistry, causing controversy recently?

I think, composing songs to promote the SEA Games or any event requires the creative talent of a musician. The song must both ensure the creator’s personal impression but also not lose the message of the event that he is aiming for. This challenge requires the musician to skillfully use his creativity. That is also the reason why my song “Let’s shine” was chosen as the theme song of this 31st SEA Games.

Musician Huy Tuan:

Musician Huy Tuan excitedly welcomed an impressive SEA Games opening ceremony. Photo: FBNV.

My song still carries the message and spirit of the 31st SEA Games but is not too heavy on exhortations, cheers, slogans… When I wrote this song myself, I paid great attention to the popularity of the language. music. It is the language of “electronic pop” – a very popular language today.

Since this is the Southeast Asian Games, I have to use a popular, popular language… to be able to reach the masses. In my songs, I convey messages through metaphorical images.

As the music director of the opening and closing events of the 31st SEA Games, can you reveal a little bit about the performance of the song “Let’s shine” – the theme song of the 31st SEA Games this time. ?

Information about the performance of the theme song of the 31st SEA Games is probably the information that many people are most interested in. With this song, there will be many versions, there is a version dedicated to the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games. Before that, the Audio version (line-up format) was released a long time ago on music sites. online with the participation of Tung Duong, Ho Ngoc Ha, Issac, Van Mai Huong, Den Vau. The version dedicated to the Opening Ceremony will have a very different line-up from the official Audio version.

Let’s Shine is performed by Tung Duong, Ho Ngoc Ha, Van Mai Huong, ISAAC, and Den Vau. Clip: Huy Tuan Official.

The song “Let’s shine” will appear in the closing performance of the opening program of the SEA Games. This is a performance that the whole crew has put a lot of effort into staging, creating… This performance will have the participation of a large number of singers, artists, actors and athletes. There could be thousands of people.

I was whispered by my brothers in the production crew that: “My song is one of the most expensive songs (literally) of the SEA Games because it costs a lot of money.” I hope that this performance will leave many impressions in the eyes of international friends as well as Vietnamese athletes and fans.

Thank you musician Huy Tuan for sharing the information.

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