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My husband turned pale when his ex-girlfriend sent me a picture

On the wedding night, we sat down to open the envelope to see how much congratulatory money we got. The most impressive thing for us was the envelope of Ms. Huyen – ex-girlfriend of my husband. There was not a single coin in it, but an ATM card with a password.

Ms. Huyen left a small note in it, with best wishes for our happiness and clearly stated the origin of the money in the other card.

It turned out that during the 8 years of love, my husband and Ms. Huyen had live as husband and wife. My husband’s monthly salary is given to her to keep. Because that day the two loved each other very much and determined to get married.

However, after living together for a long time, the two realized that there was too much incompatibility, so they decided to break up and become friends. After breaking up with Ms. Huyen, my husband loved me and less than 3 months were married.

My husband did not want to get back the money he gave Huyen because he thought that over the years, she had sacrificed a lot for him. Unexpectedly, Ms. Huyen was a straight-forward person who did not want to gain the reputation of taking advantage of her boyfriend’s money, so she returned the money to my husband.

My husband’s first love with Ms. Huyen was beautiful, but it’s a pity that the two can’t come together. My husband said that all is in the past, love is no longer there, living together only makes each other miserable. Then he fell asleep, and I had the card in my hand and I don’t know how much money was in it?

The very next morning, on my way to work, I stopped at an ATM to check the money in it. I was shocked to learn that there are nearly 1 billion. In the evening, I talked to my husband, he was as surprised as I was.

Her husband thought for a moment and then said that during all these years Huyen had not touched a single penny of his salary. Full meal and rent It’s all her fault.

After that, my wife and I discussed to return half of the money to Ms. Huyen, but we could not contact her. Holding such a large amount of money, my husband is not happy, so I don’t know what to do anymore? What do you think we should do?


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