Phi Phuong Anh’s new MV has too many copies

Phi Phuong Anh has just released the MV but has faced controversy.

On the evening of May 10, the group DREAMeR consists of 3 members Phuong Anh FeeRIN9 and MiiNa have officially released the MV Firework. The song is a song composed by RIN9 for the group DREAMeR, is a nostalgic song, reminiscent of the beautiful youth of each of us when we were still in school.

MV Firework made mostly at schools to bring the audience to the beautiful youth of Phi Phuong Anh, MiiNa with 3 boys (Quang Truong, RedKa, Truong Cao Khoa).

Fireworks MV – DREAMeR (Fei Phuong Anh – RIN9 x MiiNa)

However, when the summer of senior year comes, it’s time for everyone to grow up, and it’s time to say goodbye. All the pent-up emotions, all the hidden feelings in the heart were gradually revealed. Phi Phuong Anh and the guy who “loved and missed” also expressed their love for each other with the help of 3 friends.

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The last scene opens up the sky full of brilliant fireworks and is also the time when it all goes out, bringing everything back to reality: only Phi Phuong Anh is now a mature, mature, and oriented lady. distant gaze towards the sea to recall all the beautiful memories of the years of youth.

In the MV, the three actors also attract viewers’ attention. In particular, Quang Truong was mistakenly thought that this was RIN9. However, in this product, RIN9 still retains the mysterious image when not appearing in the MV and Quang Truong is actually just a handsome actor.

Besides, after MV Firework On air, a part of the online community commented that the song’s melody was quite similar to Proud Of You – the legendary song was released in 2003. Accordingly, in the chorus, the melody and the harmony between the two songs are quite similar, so it makes listeners realize that there is a coincidence. However, this is just speculation of the online community and there is no clear evidence of it plagiarism.

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Fiona Fung – Proud of You (Lyrics)

On the other hand, the MV image of Fireworks makes the online community angry because it thinks too many scenes “copy” the movie. Twenty Five Twenty One (25.21) – Korean youth dramas attract great attention of viewers in recent times. From the image of watching fireworks to the moment of playing with fireworks at the beach, it also completely coincides with the “nail” scenes in the movie. 25.21.

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Some comments from the online community:

– The music sounds familiar, quite similar to Proud Of You.

– Youth style MV: You Ar The Apple Of My Eye. Music mix between Proud Of You and Little Love.

– If you are serious, doing art in a genuine way, you will have many supporters.

-The MV thought I was watching 25.21.

– Music is Proud Of You, MV is 25.21.

– Visua is very beautiful but the song has to be listened to many times to absorb it.

– Thought RIN9 but not RIN9.

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