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Philippine Presidential Election: Mr. Marcos Junior claims victory

Supporters of candidate Bongbong gather outside his office in Mandaluyong city on May 10 – Photo: Reuters

According to preliminary results of nearly all votes, Mr. Marcos Junior won more than 56% of the vote, more than double the number of votes of his immediate opponent, Liberal candidate Leni Robredo.

If confirmed by the Election Commission, Mr. Marcos will be elected as the new President of the Philippines. This victory will mark the Marcos family’s return to the Presidential Palace after many decades.

Mr. Ferdinand Marcos Junior, 64 years old, is the son of late President Ferdinand Marcos.

During his election campaign, Mr. Marcos Junior pledged to work hard to promote the development of the country by addressing the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating new jobs, improving infrastructure. digital infrastructure and agriculture, improving public health and stimulating domestic consumption.

Mr. Marcos Junior also pledged to be a leader “for the whole Filipino people”.

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