Rino Rino with an online supermarket app that delivers in 10 minutes

Going to the online market – It’s convenient but slow delivery is also… inconvenient

Today, the trend of online shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially after the Covid pandemic, online shopping is gradually replacing the traditional market due to its convenience, time saving, reasonable costs and meeting needs. consumers quickly.

However, over time, this form of shopping also appears inadequate, typically buyers are quite passive in waiting for the shipper to deliver. The estimated delivery time on the phone app is often very impromptu and inaccurate compared to reality. Over time this waiting time becomes a significant inconvenience.

Ms. Lan (25 years old, district 1) shared: “Life is back to normal, I still keep the habit of going to the online market that I have built since the time of separation. However, the app for going to the grocery store has also started to work. There are some shortcomings, in which the biggest headache is having to wait for delivery for a long time.When my friend introduced Rino to try it, I also sold it in doubt, but was quite surprised because it actually delivered in less than 10 minutes, yes. The standard to close the order is to receive the goods immediately”.

Rino Rino with an online supermarket application that delivers in 10 minutes - Photo 1.

Shipper is well-trained to minimize the time to deliver goods to customers as quickly as possible.

In addition, Rino also regularly updates the status of the goods on the application, minimizing the situation when customers choose a product but are called out of stock or have to choose another item to replace it, such as grocery shopping apps. other. The shipper is well trained to coordinate with the staff at the warehouse, minimizing the time to pick up and transport goods.

Rino – Rookie step by step conquering Vietnamese customers

Although newly launched, Rino continuously expands its product portfolio to provide a rich selection, serving many different audiences and needs. Customers can buy many items in the same catalog without having to choose goods at different stores like other grocery shopping apps, saving time and effort, especially for women who often buy. Fresh food for daily cooking for the family.

With the fresh food group including fruits, vegetables, tubers, meat, fish… the services of going to the market usually only ensure that there are goods to serve the needs, but do not commit to the origin or the level of freshness. Rino soon saw this limitation and made efforts to build its own warehouse system to import and preserve the freshest.

Rino rookie with an online supermarket application that delivers in 10 minutes - Photo 2.

Customers receive fresh food placed in paper bags carefully and neatly.

Ms. Lam (27 years old, Binh Thanh district) shared: “I know Rino through the introduction of some sisters in the chat group of the apartment. After many “trial” orders, I found vegetable, tubers, meat products, All fish come from reputable brands in the market such as Vietgap vegetables, CP pork, G Kitchen… Products are carefully placed in paper bags, both hygienic and environmentally friendly. Regular promotions, so I will continue to support.”

Removing all inconveniences in going to the market or buying traditional groceries, now customers only need to surf the phone app and place orders extremely quickly and conveniently, Rino always strives to improve service quality. with the desire to meet the needs and bring the best experience to consumers.

Widely launched in April 2022, Rino is an electronic technology application for super-fast delivery that helps women save time and take the initiative in housework to spend more time with themselves. With order completion time in just 10 minutes, operating 24/7, Rino is present in Binh Thanh District, District 1, District 3, District 10, Go Vap District, Phu Nhuan District and will cover all areas. another county as soon as possible.

Rino is having a promotion of up to 100,000 VND for the first customers to experience the service, what are you waiting for, download the app at App Store or Google Play and discover right away the rain of gifts and many other utilities.


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