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Sea Games football match schedule 31

SEA Games 31 football schedule: VietNamNet updates the entire football match schedule at SEA Games 31 taking place from May 6 to May 23.

Football is the earliest sport in SEA Games 31 when starting from May 6 (men’s football), May 7 (women’s football) and lasts until May 23.

Men’s football plays at 3 stadiums Viet Tri (Phu Tho), Thien Truong (Nam Dinh) and My Dinh (Hanoi). While, All matches of Women’s football are played at Cam Pha Stadium (Quang Ninh).


6/54:00 pmPhilippines4-0Timor LesteAViet TriWatch video
7:00 pmVietnam3-0IndonesiaAViet TriWatch video
7/54:00 pmSingapore2-2LaosREMOVEThien TruongWatch video
7:00 pmThailand1-2MalaysiaREMOVEThien TruongWatch video
8/54:00 pmTimor Leste2-3MyanmarAViet TriWatch video
7:00 pmVietnam0-0PhilippinesAViet TriWatch video
9/54:00 pmLaos1-4CambodiaREMOVEThien TruongWatch video
7:00 pmThailand5-0SingaporeREMOVEThien TruongWatch video
10/54:00 pmMyanmar3-2PhilippinesAViet TriWatch video
7:00 pmIndonesia4-1Timor LesteAViet TriVTV6, On Football
11/54:00 pmCambodia?-?SingaporeREMOVEThien TruongVTV6, On Sports News
7:00 pmMalaysia?-?LaosREMOVEThien TruongVTV6, On Sports News
13/54:00 pmTimor Leste?-?IndonesiaAViet TriVTV6, On Football
7:00 pmMyanmar?-?VietnamAViet TriVTV6, On Football
14/54:00 pmSingapore?-?MalaysiaREMOVEThien TruongVTV6, On Sports+
7:00 pmThailand?-?CambodiaREMOVEThien TruongVTV6, On Sports+
15/54:00 pmIndonesia?-?MyanmarAViet TriVTV6, On Football
7:00 pmTimor Leste?-?VietnamAViet TriVTV6, On Football
16/54:00 pmMalaysia?-?CambodiaREMOVEThien TruongVTV6
7:00 pmLaos?-?ThailandREMOVEThien TruongVTV6
19/5RedBest A?-?runner-upViet TriVTV6
RedNhat BE?-?Second AViet TriVTV6
FINAL, bronze medal contest
22/5RedLose to BK 1?-?Lose to BK 2Bronze PaintingMy DinhVTV6
RedWin BK 1?-?Win BK 2FinalMy DinhVTV6


9/57:00 pmPhilippines5-0CambodiaACam PhaOn Sports News
10/54:00 pmMyanmar3-0LaosREMOVECam PhaOn Sports News
7:00 pmThailand3-0SingaporeREMOVECam PhaOn Sports News
11/57:00 pmVietnam?-?PhilippinesACam PhaOn Football
13/54:00 pmLaos?-?SingaporeREMOVECam PhaON
7:00 pmThailand?-?MyanmarREMOVECam PhaOn Sports News
14/57:00 pmCambodia?-?VietnamACam PhaOn Football
15/54:00 pmSingapore?-?MyanmarREMOVECam PhaOn Sports
7:00 pmLaos?-?ThailandREMOVECam PhaOn Sports
18/5RedBest A?-?runner-upCam Pha
RedNhat BE?-?Second ACam Pha
FINAL, bronze medal contest
5/21RedLose to BK 1?-?Lose to BK 2Bronze PaintingCam Pha
RedWin BK 1?-?Win BK 2FinalCam Pha


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Match schedule of U23 Vietnam at SEA Games 31

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