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Son Heung Min, unbelievable class of Asian stars and beautiful days in Tottetham

Nearly a decade ago, Asian football fans are often proud when it comes to the brave Son Heung Min who has built a brand on the European turf, standing on a par with the world’s top stars.


Son Heung Min’s double against Leicester City (K+ copyright)

7 years ago, when Son Heung Min moved from Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) to Tottenham, the British press wrote a lot about the transfer, in which Metro gave 5 reasons to predict Son would shine in the Premier League. . The fifth reason is most noticeable when writer Sean Kearns considers Son an unbelievable finisher, has proven scoring records (in the German league) and shows him as a striker. level.

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Son Heung Min came to the Premier League with little attention, but shined brightly after 7 years

Those judgments have been turned into reality by Son Heung Min with a wonderful breakthrough journey, awakening his own bravery to rise to the top that millions of people dream of.

On that road, Son Heung Min has freed himself from the guilt of an Asian player, often seen as having many physical and skill losses compared to his colleagues from Africa, South America, and Europe. , to gradually conquer the great goals in the career of a professional player. Son Heung Min has turned him from a potential Asian player, to become the mainstay of the team, to become one of the best stars not only at Tottenham but also in the English Premier League and the Premier League. Soccer Top of the world.

Now, mentioning Son Heung Min’s goal celebrations will probably be superfluous when he has done it many times this season. Most recently, at the end of last week, Son Heung Min made everyone mention him again with a goal for “Rooster” in the match Tottenham came as a guest of strong opponent Liverpool.

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Son has been rated as one of the most powerful finishing players today

Before that, in the match between Tottenham and Leicester in round 35, Son made tens of thousands of spectators on the field burst with joy when he saw him play brilliantly, “dancing” like a lawn artist on the home field, and playing like football. a gladiator when needed. People scoffed when they saw the situation where Son received the ball, turned around delicately, eliminated all Leicester defenders to launch a dangerous left-footed shot into the opponent’s goal, making the goalkeeper “stop”.

Another goal increased the score to 3-0 in the above match, also with his left foot, which was really a masterpiece when Son Heung Min outside the 16m50 area drew a perfect curve into the far corner of the goal that made goalkeeper Schmeichel know how to pick up the ball in the net.

This is not the rare time Son has scored such a beautiful goal. Out of a total of 90 goals in the English Premier League and other tournaments in the Tottenham shirt in the past seasons, fans have many times witnessed unbelievable masterpieces with an Asian player who often does it. boom England’s captain like that.

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Son Heung Min is having a memorable 2022

Many fans of Son Heung Min and Tottenham cannot forget in the round of 16 of the English Premier League in the 2019/2020 season, the Korean football star stunned audiences around the world when he watched him score a goal of a lifetime. Son Heung Min accelerated like a whirlwind from the home field with a distance of nearly 80m to “circle” the entire Burnley defense, then coldly finished knocking down goalkeeper Nick Pope. The Son Heung-branded super product at the end of 2020 was awarded the Best Goal of the Year award by FIFA (the Puskas Award), surpassing many other beautiful goals around the world.

It was the coach Jose Mourinho at that time, who was also managing Tottenham, who did not regret praising Son Heung Min, when he compared Son with the famous Brazilian football legend Ronaldo.

Proven class, confirmed talent, Son Heung Min has been having memorable years in his career with Tottenham. Although the “Rooster of London” is at a disadvantage compared to Arsenal in the race for the top 4 position in the English Premier League, to get tickets Champions League next season, but with the brave Son Heung Minh, Tottenham still have the right to race to the end in the last 3 matches of the season.

Son Heung Min’s journey from zero to 90 goals in the Premier League after 229 matches, from an “apprentice” in the English Premier League to the top star of the tournament, is an inspirational and morale-boosting story. “Tiger” dares to dream, courageously confronts difficulties and overcomes adversity to reach the top. This is the message Tiger Beer wants to convey when deciding to make the Korean striker the brand ambassador for the campaign “The year of your Tiger”.

This meaningful campaign was shared by Son Heun Min: “The always strong tiger always chooses to face adversity and never backs down from a challenge, always bold and determined. Me too, always working with all my might and courage to follow my own dreams – even in the most difficult of times. Therefore, the approaching Year of the Tiger is the perfect opportunity for us to have big aspirations and stay focused on discovering our potential. I am very pleased to accompany Tiger Beer in the journey of inspiring the spirit of the tiger to people all over the world.”

It is clear that discovering one’s own potential to dare to pursue the great aspirations of life is necessary for many people. We will have times to look back, re-energize, and look forward to the good things ahead. In 2022, the year of the Tiger, Tiger Beer begins a new journey in a different way than every year, creating the perfect time for everyone to explode in the new year. The Year of the Tiger is your explosive year. No longer small, short-term goals, now is the time for us to remove barriers to realize bold ambitions in our own way, “untie” ourselves and become the version, courage, self believe, not limit yourself.

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