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Team Flash Wild Rift confidently defeated the Thai representative, won the gold medal – Information Technology

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

“The one goal of Team Flash, one and only one, is the SEA Games gold medal”.

E-sports (eSport) League of Legends: Wild Rift at SEA Games 31 There are two competitions: men’s team and women’s team. Vietnam has representatives to compete in both of these events, in which the male teammate is Team Flash with boys born in 1999 – 2003.

Team Flash is a very familiar name to the eSport community in Vietnam. They have achieved much success in tournaments both at home and abroad. Therefore, representing Vietnam to the 31st SEA Games, League of Legends: Wild Rift fans are looking forward to watching, cheering, and seeing Team Flash crown the champion and bring glory to the country. .

SEA Games 31: Team Flash Wild Rift confidently defeated the Thai representative and won gold - 1

League of Legends team: Toc Chien (male) represents Vietnam at SEA Games 31.

Before the eSports events at SEA Games 31, we had an interview with Team Flash. Invite readers to follow along!

Hi TeamFlash,

First of all, congratulations to the team for representing Vietnam in the SEA Games for the first time. For readers to better understand the team, Team Flash introduces its members again.

Hello readers of Team Flash Wild Rift is delighted to receive an invitation to chat today. Our Team Flash has a total of 6 members, namely: Chi Khanh – Shy (2003), Quoc Thang – Joyce (1998), Huu Phat – Zysu (2002), Thanh Dat – Elly (2000) and Minh Tri – Empty ( 1999).

The time for eSport to start at SEA Games 31 is very close, how are you feeling right now?

This is the first time that Team Flash has the responsibility of representing Vietnam to participate in a sports festival, so there is a bit of pressure. However, we are still very confident, because the members have been practicing extremely hard all this time.

After officially winning tickets to the 31st SEA Games, how has Team Flash planned to rest and practice in the past time?

“Rest” is not in our dictionary. Immediately after winning the ticket to the 31st SEA Games, the whole team only spent about 2 days to recharge as well as share with relatives and family the joy and pride of representing Vietnam.

We have enhanced our training schedule and a healthy lifestyle regimen to keep our body and mind in top shape. Some members even regularly walk around the Gaming House Flash every night to find a balance between mental training (competition) and physical training.

What did Team Flash learn about their competitors’ eSports teams, which team or member made Team Flash the most wary of?

In this congress, Team Flash’s biggest opponent is probably the Buriram team from Thailand. This is a strong opponent, but we’ve already met them in the WCS Finals so we’re confident we can beat them once again. One goal of Team Flash, one and only one, is the SEA Games gold medal.

Before SEA Games 31, what outstanding achievements did Team Flash have in domestic and international tournaments?

Team Flash does not dare to claim to be outstanding but since the SEA Games selection round so far, Team Flash is in great form and has hardly lost a single game in their matches.

We won the ticket to represent Vietnam at SEA Games 31, we won the WCS Vietnam tournament. Most recently won the WCS Finals tournament, being the first seed of Southeast Asia to come to ICONS GLOBAL, the World Finals of Wild Rift.

It is known that Team Flash gathered with the Vietnamese eSport delegation in Hanoi to prepare for the start of the 31st SEA Games. Many fans are very concerned about your accommodation conditions, is everything OK?

Team Flash was present in Hanoi on May 9 with the support of the organizers. Everything is perfect so far. By the way, Team Flash Wild Rift would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you in the organizing committee and the Electronic Sports and Entertainment Association (VIRESA) who have supported Team Flash in the past time to be able to be present. in Hanoi in the most smooth way.

In addition, does Team Flash have something to say more to Wild Rift gamers in general and its fans in particular?

Thank you for always watching and supporting the team throughout the years. This year has been a magical journey for Team Flash and we will continue to work hard to achieve even more. After the SEA Games medal will be the World Championship!

Thank you Team Flash for the sharing session!

Wish the team will compete successfully at SEA Games 31!

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