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“The body is long dead, but the eyes and the beard are still there, what is it?”

If you are a lover of puzzle games, the program cannot be missed Fast like lightning – a place that synthesizes difficult but equally interesting puzzles. Under the ingenious leadership of MC Truong Giang and MC Hari Won, the program provided players and the audience with a lot of useful knowledge and moments of refreshing relaxation.

The program includes many different quizzes such as: Quiz, word quiz, knowledge quiz, … in all fields. Players are divided into 2 teams, each member has the task of giving the answer in the shortest time. The team that scores the most points will be the winner. To have the correct answer, requires players to have extensive knowledge, sharp thinking and rich association ability.

In round 1, episode 15, season 2 – show Fast like lightning There was an interesting question as follows:

“The body is long dead

But what are the two eyes, the beard is still there?”.

Vietnamese quiz:

Source: Lightning fast.

After listening to the question, actor Lam Vy Da had the answer to be corn. But this reply is not recognized by the program. The audience present in the studio also had to… give up because the question was too difficult. I don’t understand what’s not alive but still has eyes and a beard?

MC Truong Giang announced the answer to this puzzle as: BASE ORIGINAL.

True to the puzzle suggestion given, after people cut bamboo to use for many different purposes, only the bamboo root remains. “beard” here refers to bamboo roots, and “two eyes” are bamboo eyes.

Vietnamese quiz:

Illustrated photo.

In rural villages, bamboo roots are often dried to make firewood, not knowing it is “bamboo jelly” – a precious medicine. The old bamboo stump after the bamboo tree was cut down is not completely dead but still has green spots. For ordinary bamboo, “bamboo” is the part that lies close to the ground. But for flowering bamboo, the whole body is “bamboo stone”. People can also process bamboo roots to make cooking spices, treat bad breath and cancer (broken teeth). It is also used as a beauty product for women.

And yet, in the old bamboo root, there is also “bamboo”, which is the eye lying on the ground. “Truc Boi” is used to make medicine to treat numbness of the leg bones. It also treats walking difficulties for the elderly, gynecological diseases and helps tonify blood and qi. Besides, the old bamboo root is also used to make bowls, spoons, spoons and statues, etc. chi-so-iq-vo-cuc-moi-co-dap-an-dung-20220510105250653.chn

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