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The husband was indifferent on the wedding night, the next day he disappeared, his wife discovered the unforgivable truth

A Taiwanese woman was shocked to discover that just before her marriage, her husband was constantly dating different women. The wife tried to forgive her husband thinking it was a thing of the past anyway, happening before they got married. Unexpectedly, the husband continued to have an affair with his ex-girlfriend and female colleague, making the wife unable to accept it, so he decided to file for divorce and claim compensation.

According to Ettoday, Ms. Zhao and Mr. Lai, living in Taichung City, Taiwan, were officially married on February 18, 2021. Ms. Zhao always thought that it would be the beginning of her happy marriage, but unexpectedly everything did not go as planned.

On the wedding night, Ms. Zhao saw Mr. Lai acting indifferent and cold towards her, as if a couple had been married for a long time. Because she was so depressed, Ms. Zhao couldn’t sleep, so she picked up her husband’s phone to look at it. Unexpectedly, Ms. Zhao discovered a secret that she had never known before. Mr. Lai used the dating app, met and went back and forth with many different women, even having sex with them. These incidents still happened right before Ms. Zhao’s marriage to Mr. Lai.

The husband was indifferent on the wedding night, the next day he disappeared, his wife discovered the unforgivable truth - 1


At that time, Ms. Zhao was extremely distressed and angry, could not expect her husband to be such a romantic person. However, after thinking about it again and again, Ms. Zhao thought that all of those things happened before they got married, and after getting married, Mr. Lai might change, so she decided to forgive him without reminding him. that thing again.

But the next day, Ms. Zhao was unable to contact her husband. Mr. Lai disappeared and blocked all of Ms. Zhao’s communications, even blocked social media accounts, leaving only the right messaging application Line, but Ms. Zhao texted but did not see her husband reply. Only after that, Mr. Lai returned home but did not have any explanation to his wife.

On June 25, 2021, Ms. Zhao discovered that Mr. Lai had “bedded” with his ex-girlfriend in April and they got back together in May, despite the fact that Mr. Lai is now married.

Not stopping there, in July 2021, Ms. Zhao continued to discover that Mr. Lai was having an affair with a female colleague surnamed Xue. They even publicized their love relationship on the social network Facebook, below there were many people congratulating and admiring, even Xue’s two younger sisters called Mr. Lai as brother-in-law. After that, Mr. Lai was so brazen that he moved to live with Ms. Xue, living a world as if there were only the two of them, not caring about Ms. Zhao.

Seeing all this, Ms. Zhao couldn’t take it anymore. She was seriously affected both physically and mentally, so she decided to file for divorce from Mr. Lai, and at the same time forced him to pay her 2 million yuan (more than 6.8 billion VND).

During the trial at the Taichung City Court, Mr. Lai and Ms. Xue still denied having an affair, saying that they were merely colleagues. However, the judge pointed out that Mr. Lai’s conversations with Ms. Xue exceeded the limits of normal colleagues and friends, seriously infringing on Ms. Zhao’s marital rights.

Mr. Lai is also accused of using a dating app to hang out and share private photos with 7 other women. Finally, the court approved the divorce case between Ms. Zhao and Mr. Lai. In addition, Mr. Lai must compensate his ex-wife 1 million yuan (more than 3.4 billion VND).

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