The kiss outside the script of Dinh Tu, Phan Minh Huyen in “Love the sunny day”

Dinh Tu is the next guest face to appear on Phan Minh Huyen’s Youtube channel. In the latest video, the couple Love the sunny day revealed interesting things in the first pairing.

Sharing about the scene where Hoang Duy (Dinh Tu) forcibly kissed Van Trang (Minh Huyen) and was bitten by Trang to bleed, Phan Minh Huyen said, from the kiss scene to the lip biting scene, everything was real. However, she only bit her lips and lightly rubbed to create a feeling, not directly biting her co-star, because if she did, it would be “too evil”.

The actress born in 1990 also revealed a kiss that was not in the script. In the segment where Phan Minh Huyen lay singing, because he was so sublimated with the character’s emotions, Dinh Tu suddenly kissed the actress, making her “shocked”.

Responding to Phan Minh Huyen, Dinh Tu affirmed that thanks to that improvisation, the most natural emotions of the “senior” were recorded. I said: “Is it true that the female actress’s reaction is better, more natural and lifelike? If you agree first to film a stolen kiss scene, then you can act.”

Kiss outside the script of Dinh Tu, Phan Minh Huyen in

Phan Minh Huyen and Dinh Tu read comments from the audience.

Telling more about the upcoming development of the Duy – Trang couple, Dinh Tu said, after going through a long journey and coming together, the two had few sweet scenes but mainly solved the events together. for the family of Van Khanh (Lan Phuong). Dinh Tu took the initiative to ‘beg’ the scriptwriter team to add more cuddly and emotional scenes, adding “spice” to the couple’s love.

In the recent episodes of Love the sunny day, Hoang Duy and Trang’s relationship is changing. After a period of diligently pursuing Trang with no results, Duy announced that he had given up and considered Trang as “the past”. Despite having feelings, Trang used reason to treat Duy, repeatedly refusing and showing a cold attitude.

However in the trailer Love the sunny day Part 2 episode 17 will be broadcast on the evening of May 10, the scene where Trang hugs Duy and sobs because he thinks Duy has had a serious accident, making the audience “fever”. It was also the first time that Trang bravely expressed her true feelings for Duy.

The kiss outside the script of Dinh Tu, Phan Minh Huyen in
Kiss outside the script of Dinh Tu, Phan Minh Huyen in

Trang hugged Duy after knowing he was safe and sound in “Love the sunny day” part 2 episode 17.

Although it was the first time working together, Dinh Tu and Phan Minh Huyen quickly became a beautiful couple on the Vietnamese screen. Before that, in order to act “sweet” in the movie, the sisters spent a lot of time rehearsing before the scenes, especially the intimate scenes. Not only that, they are also comfortable interacting in real life, giving each other attention behind the scenes to have more natural emotions when entering the movie.

Matching looks, good acting once made Phan Minh Huyen and Dinh Tu entangled with rumors of “fake love movies”, while Dinh Tu had a girlfriend, actress Huong Giang. The couple Tu – Giang quickly corrected, asserting that it was an unfounded rumor.

Previously, Phan Minh Huyen once answered the media: “I, Dinh Tu and Huong Giang play together, are even very close to Huong Giang, so they understand each other quite well. I consider Tu as a brother, a colleague, so everything behaves normally and Tu’s lover. feel the same way.”

“When Dinh Tu and I act in emotional scenes in the movie, we don’t feel too shy. Of course, in work, everyone needs to keep their own professionalism and if the co-star has a lover, I also keep my mind. , limit excessive teasing to keep the relationship of the two sides unimpeded” – Phan Minh Huyen shared more.

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