The phenomenon of manipulating and making prices on the stock market increasingly sophisticated

On the morning of May 11, the National Assembly Standing Committee commented on the additional assessment report on the performance of development tasks. economy – social and state budget in 2021; implementation of the socio-economic development plan and the state budget in the first months of 2022.

Briefly present the report on verification and additional assessment of the results of the implementation of the Socio-Economic Development Plan in 2021; implementation situation in the first months of 2022, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly Vu Hong Thanh said, stock market There have been phenomena of price manipulation, making prices more and more sophisticated.

Besides, the disclosure of information of a number of public enterprises, listed companies and investors is still not guaranteed; There are about 1.5 million new non-specialist investors entering the market, but lack of financial knowledge or little interest in business performance will lead to risks of loss, causing the market to grow. unsustainable, unstable.

The phenomenon of manipulating and making prices on the stock market increasingly sophisticated - 1

Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly Vu Hong Thanh. (Photo: QH)

Regarding the bond market, the Economic Committee proposed a specific assessment of the risks to the corporate bond market in recent times, in which it is necessary to clarify the risk of enterprises being unable to repay their debts until the end of the year. limitations and have suitable solutions to solve them.

Regarding the banking sector, the Economic Committee proposed to clarify the current hidden debts, including debt restructuring, debt grouping as prescribed in Circular No. 14; credit ratio clarification real estate as well as the purchase, sale and investment of corporate bonds by credit institutions themselves and other financial institutions Securities Company member.

In addition, according to the Economic Committee, the use of land in some places is wasteful and inefficient; the number of complaints and denunciations in the field of land is still many and complicated.

Therefore, it is necessary to report more clearly the situation of pushing land prices in land auctions for profit; the phenomenon of real estate brokers linking to price, causing land fever, destabilizing the market; the allocation of land without auction causes losses to the State budget; The land use efficiency of unfinished projects is still limited, the land lots that have won the bid or won the auction but have been transferred to their hands for profit, unfinished investment or left vacant, causing waste. take advantage of this important resource.

The Chairman of the Economic Committee suggested that there should be solutions to strictly manage substandard real estate transactions; there is a suitable solution to closely determine market price real estate to avoid tax loss. The Government studies, evaluates, has a suitable response plan, approaches, and promptly amends or proposes amendments to legal regulations in order to stabilize the market and create confidence for investors. Determined and prioritized allocating resources to complete the amendment of the Land Law in 2023.

The Economic Committee proposed the Government in the coming time strengthen the management and supervision of the real estate market, the stock market, the corporate bond market, and ensure the safety of the financial system and the handling of securities. strictly and thoroughly handle the violations”Mr. Vu Hong Thanh said.

According to the Chairman of the Economic Committee, the progress of equitization and divestment of state capital in state-owned enterprises; the completion of legal regulations on equitization and arrangement and renewal of public non-business units is still very slow and fails to fulfill the planned objectives; delay in promulgating the Project “Restructuring state-owned enterprises, focusing on economic groups and state-owned corporations in the period of 2021 – 2025”; the plan by the end of 2021 is to collect 40 trillion dong but only collect more than 4.4 trillion dong (18 businesses) while the stock market in 2021 is very good, which is a favorable condition to be able to divest.

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