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The US deletes its commitment to Taiwan from the web, China is angry

The US deleted its commitment to Taiwan on the web, China was angry - Photo 1.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian – Twitter screenshot

According to the newspaper The Guardian May 10, tIn the “fact sheet” section about the relationship with Taiwan On its website, the US State Department removed several key passages from the 1979 joint communiqué between the US and the People’s Republic of China.

Among these was a passage that read: “The United States recognizes the government of the People’s Republic of China as the only legitimate government of China, and acknowledges China’s position that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of China. China”.

In addition, the paragraph that the US “does not support Taiwan independence” (which appeared in the version posted on August 31, 2018) was also removed from the website of the US State Department.

In the updated version, the US State Department said Washington “continues to encourage the peaceful resolution of cross-strait differences in accordance with the wishes and best interests of the people of Taiwan”.

Responding to the US move, on May 10, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called the above edit an “act of political manipulation and an attempt to change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait”. Loan”. “This will backfire,” he stressed.

Mr. Zhao told reporters that there is only one China in the world, Taiwan belongs to China and the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing China.

The word change on the website of the US State Department seems to have taken place on 5/5-2022 (date at the top of the fact sheet), but it was not received until May 10th. widespread attention in the mainland Chinese and Taiwanese media.

However, according to Reuters news agency, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that while some wording may have been changed in the update, “our basic policy has not changed”.

“We regularly update information on fact sheets. In the case of Taiwan, the brochures reflect our solid unofficial relationship with Taiwan, and we call for that The People’s Republic of China behaves responsibly and does not create excuses to increase pressure on Taiwan,” Price said.

In another development, the US Navy’s 7th Fleet said its guided-missile cruiser USS Port Royal made a routine voyage through the Taiwan Strait “in accordance with international law” on October 10. -5.

This operation comes shortly after China conducted military exercises near the island of Taiwan. This is the second time in the past two weeks that the US Navy has sent ships through this strait.

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