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Thousands of employees help Jollibee spread the joy of food in Vietnam

With unremitting efforts, Jollibee – the famous brand for the Joyful Crispy Chicken (Chickenjoy) is gradually conquering the goal of becoming a favorite fast food brand in the Vietnamese market.

Conquer Vietnamese diners with understanding

According to Jollibee Vietnam, customers are an important key to the success of each business. For the service industry, understanding the needs, behaviors and consumption habits of customers to satisfy them. Customer satisfaction at the highest level is not a small challenge.

Therefore, according to Mr. Lam Hong Nguyen – General Director of Jollibee Vietnam, one of the core values ​​and top priorities of this brand is “customer-centered” along with the mission of “Bringing happiness and spreading culinary joy to every Vietnamese family through delicious dishes at reasonable prices and of outstanding standards.” No matter at any Jollibee store in Vietnam, under any circumstances, the staff must always serve customers in the most thoughtful and sincere way.

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Image of Jollibee Vietnam store staff

Mr. Nguyen added that Jollibee is a company that is always ready to invest in market research to become a fast food chain that has won the trust of Vietnamese customers, in order to achieve outstanding quality standards. products, food safety and hygiene, good service and reasonable prices.

Thanks to regular market research projects, Jollibee understands the Vietnamese family food culture better. Therefore, fast food dishes, although originating from Western countries, are adjusted to suit the taste of Vietnamese people. More specifically, when understanding the important meaning of a Vietnamese family meal, Jollibee always aims to build a cozy space to create moments of loving bonding for all family members every day. when experiencing food at the system.

Understanding the increasing requirements of product quality and hygiene and safety of Vietnamese people, Jollibee Vietnam is the pioneer QSR company to put into operation a processing factory in Can Giuoc, Long An. With the goal of proactively managing the quality of raw materials and product quality, the ISO 22000: 2018 international standard factory provides customers with safe and consistent quality products throughout the entire system. over 50 provinces and cities from North to South.

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Dry warehouse of Jollibee Vietnam factory

In order to spread culinary joy to many Vietnamese people, Jollibee pioneered access to provincial markets, thanks to its reasonable price strategy, affordable for the majority of Vietnamese customers.

Mr. Nguyen also shared an equally important value at Jollibee which is honesty, integrity and thrift. This means that each individual at Jollibee, when using the company’s resources, must put in the spirit of being his or her own resources, in the most economical way to bring the highest efficiency. When businesses save maximum costs, the cost of products when reaching consumers will also be significantly reduced.

hang ngan nhan vien giup jollibee lan toa niem vui am thuc tai viet nam 2df801c3bc8b4eabb20abb343424d337
Customers at Jollibee Vietnam store

Proud of the Vietnamese staff

Jollibee Vietnam has more than 4,000 employees throughout the system, of which the management team has over 10 years of experience with the group. Mr. Nguyen did not hide his pride saying that 100% of the personnel at Jollibee Vietnam are currently Vietnamese. Jollibee is currently present in 24 countries and territories, but only in Vietnam, there is no management participation from the Philippine corporation.

As a companion from the early days of the brand entering the Vietnamese market, Mr. Nguyen has held many roles at Jollibee. He compared Jollibee as the cradle of personnel training in the fast food service industry because Jollibee has strengths in human development training, helping young people to fully equip themselves with professional knowledge, behavioral capacity, and value. core values ​​to achieve more success in career and life.

Mr. Nguyen affirmed that at Jollibee, all employees work in the spirit of fairness and enjoy according to their ability. Also in the company culture there is “Family Spirit”. It is the cohesion of all members from office staff, store staff, employees of other departments and departments like a family, joining hands to complete the important goals of the corporation. , but the most important thing is to satisfy customers at the highest level.

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Mr. Lam Hong Nguyen and Jollibee Vietnam staff

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