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Truong Thao Nhi ‘Four words’ is back

Singer Truong Thao Nhi officially returned with a personal project, a series of songs called “New Record”.

New record Includes 5 songs written specifically for Truong Thao Nhi of many styles: pop, pop rock, ballad… The project is a meaningful transformation during her nearly 10 years of professional singing career. The singer returned with a different image from before.

Project start New record is record number 1 named What’s left in each other? (composed by: Huynh Quoc Huy) performed by Truong Thao Nhi and Tang Phuc. The next four songs of Truong Thao Nhi are solo songs.

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Truong Thao Nhi and Tang Phuc.

About choosing a duet song What’s left in each other? Opening the series, Truong Thao Nhi said she wanted to thank the audience for giving her the opportunity, faith and determination to change. From the cover song of Hoa Just not together previous success, the audience began to remember both Truong Thao Nhi and Tang Phuc more than. Therefore, the team started the project with a duet with Tang Phuc, gradually switching to solo songs by Truong Thao Nhi so that the audience could easily feel her music at the moment.

“After nearly 10 years of singing, I finally found the direction I wanted to show through the songs in New record. This comeback is more meaningful because after many years, for the first time, I was under the management of a music crew and found a common voice in all aspects. It’s not easy to find a connection, especially with a girl with hidden rebellion and perfectionism like me. I believe this is the time when I have matured in my voice, mature in emotions and experience”, Truong Thao Nhi shared.

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With many previous million-view duets, Truong Thao Nhi considers that success a motivation, at least the audience remembers the name. Regarding her career being compared with many singers of the same time, she emphasized that she did not emphasize the competitive factor.

Truong Thao Nhi said: “I am stubborn, stubborn – this has hindered me a lot from the beginning of my art. In return, thanks to my stubbornness, I did not quit my job when faced with difficulties. I may have been slow. at the beginning but is “accelerating” 3-4 times to catch up with colleagues soon”.

Truong Thao Nhi was born in 1992, once made a mark at the contest Vietnamese voice 2013 and became runner-up Sing my song 2016. She is famous for contributing to duets like Four words (with Truc Nhan); Just not together (with Tang Phuc);…

Excerpt from the song “There is nothing left in each other” – Truong Thao Nhi ft Tang Phuc

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