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Ukraine stops shipping gas from Russia to Europe

A gas pipeline at Gazprom’s Atamanskaya compression station outside the town of Svobodny, in the Amur Oblast, Russia. (Photo: Reuters)

On May 10, the company that operates Ukraine’s gas transmission system GTSOU announced that it would suspend transportation Russian gas to Europe via Sochranovka station from 7am on 11/5 (local time).

The Ukrainian side cited the complications due to the fighting situation in this country. According to GTSOU, the current situation makes it impossible to transport gas through the Sochranovka measuring station and the Novopskov compression station located in the territories of conflict.

About a third of Russia’s gas volume is transported to Europe via the Sochranovka transit station and diverted part of its exports.

The Novopskov compressor station, located in the Luhansk province of eastern Ukraine, was controlled by Russian troops and separatist forces shortly after Moscow began a special military operation in February. Novopskov was the first compression station in the Luhansk region. This is a transit route about 32.6 million m3 gas per day, equivalent to nearly a third of the total volume of Russian gas transported through Ukraine to Europe.

Ukraine stops transporting gas from Russia to Europe - Photo 1.

Ukraine suspended the transportation of Russian gas to Europe via the Sochranovka station from 7am on 11/5. (Image: Getty)

According to Russian media, Gazprom stated that there was no real reason to interrupt Russian gas transmission through the Sochranovka station.

Ukraine said that it had informed Russia of its plan to stop transit through Sochranovka station and proposed to transfer transit to Sudža station located on territory controlled by Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the state gas company of Moldova, the country on Ukraine’s western border, said it had not received any notice from GTSOU or Gazprom that supplies would be disrupted.

In another development, the Ukrainian government announced it had approved the seizure of Russian assets in Ukraine. Kiev confirmed that it is working with other countries on the seizure of Russian assets abroad, which will be used to restore the country after the conflict.

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