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Ukraine war at noon 11/5: Moscow said it shot down the Su-25, the US assessed the Russian campaign

Russia and Ukraine continued to raise each other’s losses, while the US Department of Defense issued a new assessment of the progress of Russian forces in southern Ukraine compared to President Vladimir’s wishes. Putin.

TASS news agency today (May 11) quoted Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov as saying that the Russian air defense system recently shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft in the Dnepropetrovsk province of southeastern Ukraine and a Mi-8 helicopter. in Kherson province, in southern Ukraine.

Konashenkov also stated that the Russian Aerospace Forces hit two missile and artillery depots and 70 additional targets on May 10. There is currently no information on Ukraine’s response.

Ukraine war at noon 11/5: Moscow said it shot down the Su-25, the US assessed the Russian campaign - Photo 1

Ukrainian servicemen walk near a destroyed Russian T-90M Proryv tank near the village of Staryi Saltiv

in Kharkiv province on 9/5


Meanwhile, the news site The Kyiv Independent reported today that Russian forces suffered losses in southern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces reported that 79 Russian soldiers were killed and 12 equipment military destroyed, including drones, artillery and combat vehicles. There is no information on the Russian side’s response.

Ukraine pushed the Russian troops out of the artillery range of Kharkiv

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New American Review

At a press conference on May 10, a US Department of Defense official said that the progress of the Russian forces in the Donbass region and southern Ukraine is about two weeks behind the plan President Vladimir Putin wants to see, according to reports. The Kyiv Independent. The US official also assessed that despite continuing to concentrate forces, the Russian military is suffering losses and is not achieving any of President Putin’s major goals.

Also on May 10, US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said that Putin is preparing to prolong the war in Ukraine, and that Russia’s victory in Donbass may not be enough to end the conflict, according to CNN. Haines said that the Kremlin owner calculates that the will of the West will weaken over time.

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Ukraine blocks gas transit from Russia to Europe

US House of Representatives approves “huge” aid package for Ukraine

The US House of Representatives approved an additional aid package of more than $40 billion for Ukraine, as the US Congress wants to maintain continued military aid and support the Kyiv government, amid Russia’s continued military campaign in Ukraine.

The US House of Representatives on May 10 (this morning, May 11, Vietnam time), passed the above spending bill with 368 votes in favor and 57 votes against, according to Reuters. The bill will be sent to the Senate for consideration, which is expected to act quickly.

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Ukraine stops shipping a large amount of gas from Russia to Europe

Reuters quoted a notice from GTSOU, the company that operates Ukraine’s gas system, saying it would stop gas passing through the Sokhranivka measuring station from May 11 due to “force majeure”.

The company GTSOU said it was unable to operate the Novopskov air compressor station due to “interference of Russian forces in the technical process”. Therefore, in order to fulfill its “gas transportation obligations with its European partners”, GTSOU will “temporarily transfer gas” to the Sudzha station located on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The Novopskov air compressor station in Luhansk province in eastern Ukraine was controlled by Russian and separatist forces shortly after Moscow began its special military operation in February.

This is the first compressed air station in the Ukrainian gas transit system in the Luhansk province. This route transports about 32.6 million m3 gas per day, or one-third of Russia’s gas, is shipped to Europe through Ukraine, GTSOU said. Ukraine is still Russia’s main gas transit route to Europe.

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